Is Beard Oil Worth It? [In-depth Analysis]

is beard oil worth it

For the men who want to grow facial hair but keep it looking great and healthy, beard oil may offer an option for you. A good beard oil, when used properly, will turn your coarse facial hair into supply, fragrant, and more easily styled hair. Additionally, it can help to prevent beard dandruff as well. So, is beard oil worth it and does it really makes a difference?

There are tons of questions that arise in your mind, right? But no worries, we’ve covered the most common questions that you may ask about beard oil.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil, as its name suggests, is a specially formulated oil that’s designed to be applied to beards, other types of facial hair, and stubble to keep it healthy, soft, and moisturized. The purpose of beard oil is to make your beards look better and most importantly make them comfortable for you.

Besides, beard oils and balms also help the beard growth process. It can be thought of as being comparative to conditioner but for facial hair.

However, beard oil is not exactly the same. Since the hair on your face is coarser than other hairs, it requires additional upkeep and added upkeep.

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How Long Does Beard Oil Take to Work?

Just like most people have to use a product for a certain amount of time to notice a difference, beard oil is the same. You may need to wait a couple of weeks before getting beard oil effects. It’s recommended to use it consistently for three weeks at least.

By using the product for a certain time and consistently, you’ll notice if it truly makes a difference when it comes to your facial hair.

Should I Use Beard Oil Every Day?

This question may be more based on personal preference as well as the type of beard oil that you use. Like most grooming products, there isn’t a one size fits all answer.

Some oils will wash out more easily so they probably need to be used daily. Other oils are more absorbable and will stay in place for a few days. Hence, I cannot give a straight answer to this question how long does beard oil last?

Check the label and recommendations on the beard oil that you’re using. Start by using the recommended frequency and then adjust more or less frequent use dependent on the results that you’re seeing. Everyone’s facial hair is slightly different so it’s not wrong to vary your usage.

Does Beard Oil Work on Patchy Beards?

Yes, beard oil can be used on both full and patchy beards. It may even help you to be more successful in growing facial hair by improving the health of your skin. However, when using sparser areas of hair, you may not need to use as much beard oil. Start with a smaller amount and then increase if needed.

Does Beard Oil Cause Pimples?

Ideally, beard oil should not cause pimples but you may experience breakouts if you’re more prone to acne and if your beard oil contains comedogenic ingredients or ones that can clog pores.

Some of the ingredients in some beard oils that may clog pores include almond oil, coconut oil and butter, soybean oil, and safflower oil. If you develop pimples after using beard oil, consider reading labels and getting one that does not contain these ingredients.

Disadvantages of Beard Oil

Most people who use beard oil appreciate its benefits but it may not be the right choice for everyone. There are a few primary disadvantages that you may experience.

In general, this product can be expensive, especially for higher-end beard oil and if you use it daily. They can cause allergic reactions if you have more sensitive skin.

They may also cause you to have a greasy beard or make your beard look unnaturally shiny if you don’t use the correct amount. In general, it’s possible to avoid these problems over time but the hassle may not be worth it for some of you. Learn more about it from here.

When to Start Using It?

There’s no right or wrong time to start using beard oil. Many people find that when they start with beard oil early, they can train their hair to grow in the desired patterns more easily. This leads some to start using oil when they first start to grow a beard.

Using the oil can make the short hairs softer and less uncomfortable as they grow. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, usually starting when your beard hair reaches about 1/2-1 inch is a good idea.

Beard Oil Substitutes

For men that aren’t having good luck with beard oil or simply want to try a substitute, there certainly are other options available. One of the popular substitutes used today is beard balm. So a good quality beard balm could be a great alternative to beard oil.

This product contains usually shea or cocoa butter combined with a small amount of beeswax. This provides more of a hold than beard oil and may be more beneficial for keeping pesky hairs in their desired shape.

For men that don’t want the holding effect but simply want a beard oil that softens and moisturizes, a jojoba or argan oil is a great option.

These oils are carrier oils and are often included in beard oil products. If you want to save money or just try an unscented product, get a bottle of either type of oil. This oil may be more powerful so start with only a small amount and then adjust how much you use as needed.

Best Time to Apply

It’s recommended that you use beard oil after you wash your beard, so most men apply it in the morning after showering or washing their face.

However, you can apply it any time of the day without causing a negative effect. You may not want to apply it right before going to bed as it could cause you to have some beard oil stains on your sheets.

should i use beard oil everyday


In general, beard oil or cream is a great option for protecting and improving the health of your facial hair. Men have been using different types of oil on their facial hair for generations and appreciate the benefits that they see. So, I would like to put an end to this question “Is beard oil worth it?” by stating that beard oil is something that every bearded person out there must try.

Since beards can be rough and uncomfortable, the oil offers a simple solution to get softer hair. If you’re interested, try beard oil and see if it makes a benefit in your facial regimen. Want to read more about beard oil? you can visit Wikipedia.

If you have any questions or suggestions for me in regard to this post then feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you, have a great time ahead.

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