Why Do Amish Men Shave Mustaches? [This Is Why]

why do Amish shave upper lip

The Amish society has many traditions and beliefs that isolate them from other communities. Growing a long and fuller beard without mustaches is one of them. So it begs the question- why do Amish shave mustaches?

Today, I’ll try to give you an in-depth analysis of it. Keep reading.

Amish shave their upper lip because mustaches were common in military people, also it was a symbol of military rank in the 1700s, especially among German and British military officers.

In the 1700s, mustaches were a big sign of pride and dignity. It was also a symbol of military rank.

In those early days, Amish and other Mennonite groups in Europe were often tortured and persecuted by British and German military officers.

So to show hatred to the military and also to segment themselves as peace lovers and pacifists the Amish men gave a strict command to their members to shave off their mustaches.

If you belong to Amish society then it’s mandatory to grow long and full beards after getting marriage. They believe that a beard is a sign of manliness and maturity. But it’s not mandatory as long as you are single.

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Here are some reasons Amish grow beards but not mustaches

  • The Amish people were tortured and hated by the British and German military and most of them had mustaches. That’s the reason Amish people hate mustaches.
  • In the early 1700s, the military killed armless civilians, raped women, and set houses ablaze to establish their power while the Amish and other Mennonite groups were pacifists. So to show hatred and segment themselves from the military groups they shaved off their upper lip.
  • Amish want to establish peace worldwide by adding more and more people to their group and it’s a sign that someone belongs to their group and wants peace.
  • The Amish shave off their upper lip to show that there is no connection with the military as Amish and other Mennonites are peace lovers.
  • Growing beards is also their religious belief because almost all the men mentioned in the Bible had long beards.

Additionally, while mustaches are prohibited beards are a requirement because of their religious belief as beards are very common among men in the Bible.

A Bible verse, Leviticus 19:27, suggests not to cut hair at the sides of head and also discourage clipping off the beard edges.

amish mustaches

Do Mennonites have mustaches?

No, Amish and other Mennonite groups practice almost the same rules and traditions. It is strictly prohibited to grow mustaches as a member of a Mennonite group. But while I am talking about not growing mustaches, you know what? It is required to stop shaving off their beards. Because they consider beards as a sign of being a man.

Can Mennonites shave their beards?

Yes, they can until they get married. As long as they are single they can shave off their beards, no issues at all. But the moment they get married must stop shaving off beards.

Do Amish marry more than one wife?

Yes, in a few cases but that’s not mandatory to have multiple wives. Amish usually believe in a big family and they try to take more children than others. Even in some cases, they marry more than one wife and that’s totally fine for them.

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Amish mustaches are hardly found because there are some reasons behind them. As an Amish or a member of other Mennonites, you are not allowed to grow mustaches while growing beards is required. This exceptional and somewhat weird rule made them different. If you want to read more, visit this link here.

So I believe I could answer your question- why do Amish shave upper lip? Aside from that if there are any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Thank you.

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