Asian Mustaches: Growth, Maintenance + 5 Cool Style Ideas

asian mustaches

There is no doubt, mustaches add a swashbuckling image and dominant attitude to men’s personalities. It also increases the chance of acceptance among others. In fact, a well-groomed mustache will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

While I say well groomed, that means, you need to take care of your mustaches regularly, otherwise, you may end up with creepy and ugly ones.

 So today, I’ll dig deep into Asian moustache growth, maintenance & some cool style ideas. Let’s dive right in.

There are myths that Asian men can’t grow facial hair but that’s not the fact. Yes, it may be partially true because data says some East Asian men struggle to grow beards.

Usually, men from China, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines are the most sufferers. These ethnicities lack facial hair in males.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t grow mustaches as well, even men with very less or even no beard hairs are able to grow mustaches.

3 Tips to Accelerate Asian Mustache Growth Process

As discussed, mustaches should be grown naturally even if you have less or sparse beards. There are so many guys out there who don’t have beards but have stylish mustaches.

So following the below tips will accelerate the growth process and will make your mustache hair thicker and healthier.

1. Let It Grow, Keep Patience

First things first, don’t panic to trim or shape your mustache. Let it grow to full length and consider combing it regularly. In some cases, mustache hairs typically take several months to come to their full length.

Even though it may seem like it is not growing. In fact, mustache hairs grow a halt an inch every month. So be patient and monitor the progress.

2. Don’t Trim or Shave Them Off

A common misconception is shaving or trimming off mustaches will grow them back thicker and better but that’s not the case. It may even do more harm than good.

You may consider trimming off excessive hairs around for shaping purposes but not at the beginning.

3. Pick a Style That Suits You

In the beginning, you may look weird with mustaches, and people around you may fun of it. That’s why you need to be aware of it from the beginning and pick a style that suits your face shapes the most.

I will put some inputs on Asian mustache styles later below, keep reading.

3 Tips on Asian Mustache Maintenance

Just growing your mustaches is not the end of the journey, you have got to take some initiatives for the maintenance.

If regular maintenance is not there, chances are you are going to end up with ugly and creepy mustaches.

Here below, are 3 maintenance tips on Asian mustaches.

1. Wash Your Mustaches

While having a dream of flaunting mustaches in the air, a regular wash is a must. Since facial hair traps a lot of dust, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles underneath your beard and mustache hairs, it creates unhygienic ground where bacteria and viruses breed. Read these disgusting facial hair facts.

With that said, bearded cheeks are unhygienic and a bit unhealthy. So washing facial hairs with a good quality beard wash is something that you can’t ignore.

But don’t try any random low-quality junk beard wash that may even harm your facial hair. Try my recommended one with 100% organic ingredients, and no chemicals, no additives, or fragrances.

2. Use Mustache Wax

If you are struggling with untamed, curly, or wiry mustaches then waxing is the solution you need. It also helps to soften rough hairs and keep them the way you want to.

Mustache wax also offers a handful of other benefits. So to ensure the overall health condition of your mustaches, waxing is always a plus. Here is my recommendation.

3. Consider Combing

After washing and waxing, the last thing to do is comb your mustache hairs regularly. Please note (important), avoid using any metal combs and use wooden or plastic ones. Here is my recommendation.

5 Trendy Mustache Styles for Asians

Mustache is a popular trend in many Asian counties. Some men love to grow mustaches with clean-shaven cheeks while others prefer with 5 o’clock shadow beard or a light stubble beard. So here are the top 5 cool Asian mustache styles.

1. Asian Handlebar Mustache

asian handlebar mustache

Asian handlebar mustache actually comes with an upward curve on both ends and is resemble a handle of the cycle that’s why it’s named handlebar mustache.

This mustache style is popular among Asians, especially among men in India and Pakistan.

2. Asian Horseshoe Mustache

asian horseshoe mustache

A horseshoe mustache, AKA biker mustache is grown downward at both corners of the lips and at the sides of the mouth to the jaw-line.

It is named horseshoe for its resemblance with the reverse U or a horseshoe. This mustache style is popular among Asian mid-aged men.

3. Asian Professor Mustache

asian professor mustache

A professor mustache is simply a group of facial hairs on the upper lips, no special shapes or designs are there, it’s not even that stylish.

It is usually tried by a lot of college or university professors that’s why it is named professor mustache. It is easy to grow and maintain.

4. Asian Fu Manchu Mustache

asian mustache fu

The Fu Manchu mustache starts from under the nose extending downward to the corners of the mouth past the corners of the lips, and sometimes, extending past the jaw-line.

The name Fu Manchu has been introduced by a fictional character created by Sax Rohmer, an English author.

It was popular among stereotypes of Asians, especially Chinese. It is also known as the Asian long mustache style.

5. Asian Imperial Mustache

asian mustache style

Imperial mustache itself talks about its history. In the old days, almost all kings and emperors had this type of mustache that’s why it is named the imperial mustache.

Down the line to nowadays, this mustache style got huge popularity among Asians so it’s now called the Asian imperial mustache. Read more about other style ideas.


Growing your mustaches is not hard but maintenance is. So if you already have healthy and stylish mustaches then take care of them properly.

Asian mustaches are easy to grow and style but require a bit of maintenance. So consider investing a little time every day in your mustaches, it will help a lot.

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