5 Disgusting Facts about Beards + Tips to Improve

disgusting facts about beards

Beard is, of course, a sign of arrogance, dominance, manliness, and a bold attitude. But that’s only the one side of the coin and if you look at the opposite side of it, you are going to get something different.

A recent study by KOAT swabbed the beards of a group of people and the results were shocking!! The study has found, in most cases, a lot of bacteria, debris, mites, and viruses in the beard hairs.

Another 2015 study claims- most beards are as dirty and unhygienic as household toilet seats. So today, I’ve compiled the five disgusting facts about beards and some ways to fix them.

So without any ado, let’s dive in.

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1. Unhygienic Ground

It is fact that our facial hairs are coarse, as a consequence, it traps bacteria and other harmful pieces of stuff while clean shaven face doesn’t.

Hence, bearded cheeks become a safe ground for bacteria and viruses for breeding. Thus, a beaded face turns into unhygienic and unhealthy ground.

So, should I shave off my facial fur to get rid of it & are beards less hygienic?

No, fortunately, there are ways to keep your facial hair clean and hygienic. Keep reading.

2. Itchiness & Irritation

Another disgusting fact about beards is itch and irritation. Like head hairs, beards get dandruff that eventually causes itchiness and irritation.

In some cases, itchiness may happen due to in-grown hairs. Ingrown hair is a type of hair that grows inside the skin rather than growing straight and outward.

3. Lice

Hair lice are common but ever heard of beard lice? It sounds disgusting and a bit weird, right? But as like you get head hair lice you may also get lice in your beard hairs that cause itch.

You can treat it using a good quality over-the-counter shampoo.

4. Identity Criticism

With fuller and longer beards, you may get hatred and criticism in some cases. The situations become even more critical after 9/11. In many cases, people consider bearded bros as religious extremists.

Even if you notice, bearded guys, get a second look and double checked in the airport by security forces.

I don’t know why they do it but I believe there is no connection between beard and extremism. I do sport my beard just for styling purposes and nothing else.

5. Issues with Eating

For instance- If you have heavy mustaches and bushy beards, and you’re going to eat a cheesy burger at McDonald’s. What’s going to happen?

It’s going to be like, after eating that cheesy burger carefully, you have got to wash your mustache and beard hair too, isn’t it? That’s what I’ve found disgusting.

But don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to shave off your facial fur to get rid of these issues, all you have got to do is to follow my guidelines and maintain an easy-to-follow grooming routine.

In fact, if you take regular care of your beards and use some grooming products then chances are none of the above-mentioned issues will affect you.

So let’s talk about some proven items that help fix these beard issues super easily.

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5 Proven Items to Keep Your Beards Healthy

1. Beard Oil

Since beard hairs trap bacteria, viruses, and many other harmful germs in it, beard oil could be a big solution to that. It comes with anti-bacterial properties that help keep bearded cheeks hygienic and healthy.

But don’t try any random beard oils that are crafted with harmful additives and chemical fragrances. It’s always recommended to try 100% organic ones. Here is my recommendation.

2. Beard Wash

As we go outside daily for work or other activities, a lot of dust and debris takes place underneath our beard hairs so washing beards on a daily basis is hugely beneficial for your overall beard health.

I recommend using a good quality beard wash to deep clean dead cells and other harmful particles from the surface of your facial skin. Here is my recommendation.

3. Beard Shampoo

When it comes to beard lice, there are no alternatives to using beard shampoo. Aside from beard lice removal, beard shampoo helps to fix beard hair breakage and treat split end issues as well.

So while reading disgusting facts about beards and searching for a solution, consider using a good quality beard shampoo, trust me it helps a lot more than you can think. Here is my recommendation.

4. Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner nourishes beard hairs and protects facial skin from getting flaky. So while experiencing your beard hair becoming too wiry, consider using a good quality beard conditioner. It also softens and tames unruly wild beards. Here is my recommendation.

5. Beard Wax

Waxing helps to keep beard hairs in place, so while dealing with untamed wild beards, using a quality beard wax is a huge plus. It also straightens curly beards and makes them more stylish. Here is my recommendation.

Are Beards Less Hygienic?

The straight answer to this question is cautionary NO because a beard is never unhygienic or even less hygienic if it’s maintained in a proper way.

On the other hand, beard hair could be even unhealthier than a toilet seat if no maintenance takes place.

So beads are not maintenance-free, you have to take care of them regularly, and it’s hygienic.

Do Beards Smell?

If beards are groomed regularly, then it doesn’t smell. Without proper maintenance, beard hairs trap dust, debris, bacteria, and fungus that eventually may result in a bad odor.

So always consider proper maintenance with correct grooming items.

Are Beards Bad for Your Health?

No, there is no way beards are bad for health. Even a study proves that beard hairs even protect the face from the sun and prevent skin damage.

It also keeps our faces warm in the winter. Beards also decrease the likelihood of different skin diseases.

disgusting beards


If you take care of your beard hair regularly then you don’t have to worry about those disgusting facts about beards. Most bearded bros never experienced these sorts of beard issues because they were conscious about their beards.

So if you too are serious then regular grooming and maintenance is a must.

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