Wild Willies Beard Straightener Review- Worth It or Not?

wild willies beard straightener review

Are you struggling with your untamed wild beards & thinking of buying a beard straightener as a solution? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I was exactly in the same situation earlier so I know how difficult it is to deal with those unruly beard hairs.

So today, I’ll share my experience with wild willies beard straightener. Before buying any random one, first, read my wild willies beard straightener review here, it will help you a lot to wrap up your decision.

First thing first, let’s talk about the specs of wild willies beard straightener.

Product Specifications:


Top 5 Benefits of Using Wild Willies Beard Straightener

1. Easy to Use & Quick

If I become honest, I must say it’s very much user-friendly and instantly ready to use. I use it every morning for 30 seconds and it straightens my beard hair without any issues.

2. No Setting Works Required

The second thing I like about the wild willies beard straightener is it requires almost zero setting work before use.

So it’s always a plus while going through busy days. With this item, your beard hairs never look ugly even with a busy schedule.

3. Instant Heats-Up

Compared with other beard straighteners, this one heats up and cools down within just a few seconds which means you don’t have to wait for heat up before using it and cooling down after using it for packing up. So it will save you a lot of time.

4. 3-Level of Temp Settings

This item comes with 3 levels of temp settings, so no fear of face burn. I can always adjust it to my desired temp. I even tried it at the highest level & found it comfortable till then.

So with 3 levels of temp settings, it could be usable on any type of beard hair without any issues at all.

5. Negative ION Function

The wild willies beard straightener comes with a built-in negative ion function that protects beard hairs from damage. So it can be used on both thicker and thinner beards without the worry of burnout.

So I think this item can easily fit any beard straitening needs. To tame an untamed, curly & frizzy beard, wild willies beard straightener is unbeatable, I’ve used it and my experience is so far so good.

My Experience with Wild Willies Beard Straightener (Overview)


3 Wild Willies Beard Straightener Instructions

1. First thing first, before using a beard straightener, make sure you have washed your beard hair properly. It’s recommended to use a good quality beard wash or shampoo. With dirty beards, you won’t get satisfied outputs.

2. The second thing is to make sure that beard hairs are soft enough. You can try any good quality beard softeners for better results.

Without softening your beard hairs, it will feel like ripping them out one by one, that’s not expected, right?

3. Now it’s time to start using the wild willies beard straightener comb. Gently pull it down through your beard hairs and repeat it a few more times.

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The 3 Drawbacks of Wild Willies Beard Straightener

  • 1. It comes with an electric cord but sometimes I need it cordless to be more flexible in my grooming time but it does not offer that option. It would be better if both corded and cordless options were available.
  • 2. It may not work that well on excessively thicker beards, I think, this item is usually designed for light and thinner beards. Since my beards are thicker I tried the highest level of temp & it worked fine for me. So in your case, the result may vary.
  • 3. It comes with no user manuals, so for some new users, it could be a bit difficult to use in the beginning. It should have come with at least short user instructions.

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So, does wild willies beard straightener worth it?

Before I wrap up, I must say, wild willies beard straightener definitely worth it. My experience with it is pretty positive compared with other options. Today, that’s all about my wild willies beard straightener review. I hope you’ve found it helpful, if so, let me know in the comment section below.

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