5 Signs You Can’t Grow a Beard (According to Science)

signs you can't grow a beard

Beards are nowadays trendier than ever before, almost 46% of Americans & 55% of men around the world have facial hairs on their cheeks. Even several studies proved that bearded hipsters are more attractive and sexier than a clean-shaven baby face.

Almost 58% of women say- they find bearded men more appealing whether it is a light stubble beard or a bushy one.

But growing facial hair isn’t that easier for everyone. So, how to know if you can grow a beard or not? Here are 5 signs you can’t grow a beard.

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1. Ethnicity

Besides many signs, ethnicity is definitely the one. Yes, people of some specific ethnicities hardly grow facial hair due to their family lineage.

The reason is pretty straightforward- their parents or grandparents simply had no beards that’s because they don’t have them. Here is a list of some ethnicities that can’t grow facial hair.

2. Plucking

Some men have an extremely bad habit of plucking their facial hairs with the intention to give them a particular shape.

Too much plucking will permanently damage hair follicles that eventually may lead to less or in many cases, no beard states. So facial hair plucking is a clear sign you can’t grow a beard.

3. Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a hormone mostly responsible for beard growth. In most cases, low testosterone level causes less facial hair. If your testosterone level is extremely low then it is more likely to lead you to a no-beard state. It may also cause fatigue, obesity & mood changes.

4. Alopecia

Alopecia areata is a skin condition that causes your head hair fallout and facial hair to be patchy. So with alopecia areata, you have less hope to grow beards.

5. Age

Some men get facial hairs earlier while others grow it in their mid-age. Generally, the best time to get your full beard is in your 30s.

So, if you don’t grow any facial hairs even after your 30s then it’s a sign that you can’t grow facial hairs.

So, here is how to grow a beard if you can’t

While you are dealing with any of the above-mentioned issues then I have got to give you some tips that will help you grow a beard even if you can’t. So, keep reading.

1. Stay Clean

If you are struggling with beard growth issues then it’s important to keep your face clean. Dirty and oily skin attracts more debris and bacteria that are usually harmful to overall beard health.

So consider washing your face with cold water at least 2/3 times a day. Using a good quality 100% natural face wash will be a plus. Here is my recommended face wash.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

If you have nutrient deficiencies in your body then facial hair growth could be affected. So adding items to your menus that are rich in nutrient values is always a plus.

Foods like fish, meat, milk, almond & different nuts are helpful.

3. Quit Smoking

It’s a bit surprising but research proves that smoking is bad for your facial hair’s health. It also decreases new facial hair growth.

So while thinking of growing beards on your cheeks, the first thing you have got to do is to stop smoking.

4. Don’t Take Excessive Stress

Being under mental stress harms beard health. If you live your life continuously under extreme stress then chances are you are going to have unhealthy and somewhat patchy beards and beard hairs are more likely to fall out. Also, new hair growth will be de-motivated.

5. Sound Sleeps

Going to bed late at night or sleeping less (less than 7-8 hours a day) is extremely bad for facial hairs. These bad habits don’t only harm beard health but also limit hair follicles to grow new hair.

Most importantly, late or less sleeping habit damages the overall ecosystem of the human body. If you are trying to grow bushy beards on your cheeks then make sure you sleep sound and deep enough.

What are the first signs of beard growth?

In teenage, growing hairs on your upper lip, sideburns and jaws are the very first signs that you’re going to have beards soon.

At this stage, you may not see any hairs on your cheeks that are normal. Shaving increases facial hairs on cheeks is a common misconception among teens.

What percentage of men can’t grow beards?

A recent survey says- more than 24% of men around the world can’t grow facial hairs, being that said, a small percentage of them can grow somewhat sparse and patchy beards.

Why can’t I grow a beard at 20?

Beard-friendly teens usually start to grow their facial hairs at 14-15 years of age but in some cases, it may take longer.

Study says- men grow full facial hairs in their 30s, so if you are just in your early 20s and have less or sparse facial hairs on your cheeks then it’s normal. But if you have no beards at all then the case is different.

Here is a complete guide on teen’s facial hair growth.

While struggling with beard issues, you can try the below items that are extremely helpful. I’ve personally tried them and got really mind-blowing results.

But be careful of any low-quality junk items that will do even more harm than good.

100% organic & additives-free items are always recommended, you can try my listed items below with full of confidence.

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can't grow beards on my cheeks


Growing a beard is a game of time, you won’t see results overnight, so you need to be consistent and keep patience. I’ve seen many people who were able to grow fuller beards even after having beard issues. If you have signs you can’t grow a beard then I recommend being patient and to follow my guidelines.

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