How to Grow Beard Faster for Teenagers? [Proven Ways]

how to grow beard faster as a teenager

Stepped into teenage and still no signs of facial hair? That’s frustrating and always a tough situation to deal with. But a teen boy always dreams of having a fuller and thicker beard on his cheeks, right?

Having a good-looking stylish beard on the cheeks as a teenager adds dominance, uplifts a manly persona, and sets a benchmark for masculinity.

So if you’re struggling to grow your beard faster and asking yourself the same question over and over again- how to grow a beard faster for teenagers?

You should read this full post carefully. I have revealed everything about a teen’s facial hair growth myth. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Teens can grow facial hair comparatively faster if they get beard-friendly genes from their forefathers and enough hormones responsible for beard growth (testosterone). Besides, it’s equally important to ensure a daily grooming routine, adequate intake of vitamins, a balanced diet, and sufficient rest.

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Top 4 Proven Ways to Grow Beard Faster Naturally for Teen

There are tons of ways out there to try to grow beards as a teen but only a few of the proven ones are given below-

1. Daily face cleaning

Using warm water with mild cleansing gel or soap will give you cleaner facial skin by removing dirt and oil from the skin pores. But this alone will not be enough.

In most cases, you will also have to exfoliate your skin as exfoliating proactively removes dead skin pores bringing the younger skin. The recommendation is to exfoliate twice a week to grow a beard faster as a teen.

2. Adequate intake of vitamins

Not taking proper vitamins like vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A is one of the reasons the teen has slow beard growth. They even aid in strengthening and conditioning its growth.

3. A balanced diet with sufficient protein intake

It’s proven that proteins found in meat, eggs, and lentils boost facial hair growth so it’s a MUST-TO-DO point for teenagers willing to grow a beard.

4. Massage and sufficient rest

The main purpose of massage and rest is to relax the muscles, increase blood flow, and let the body function properly. These activities positively influence teenage facial hair growth.

So if you are indeed committed to growing a full beard then take enough rest and frequent massages.

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5 Tips to Grow Fuller and Thicker Beards Faster

Out of many, I’ve just focused on the 5 major tips that are worth mentioning.

1. Begin exercising

There is no specific exercise for faster facial hair growth so how can it be useful? It’s because exercise, besides improving blood flow and strengthening muscles, improves testosterone levels.

An increase in testosterone levels promotes hair follicle growth, hence growing thicker and fuller beards.

2. Stay hydrated

Never forget about healthier skin, drinking plenty of water helps us stay hydrated and gradually grow healthier skin. Drinking enough water flushes out extra unwelcomed toxins and helps to grow a manly beard faster.

3. Beard shampoo and conditioning during shower

Grow your beard with suitable shampoo and conditioner. This is also important at the same level otherwise unsuitable shampoo and condition will steal and flush away your necessary hair oils leaving them lifeless and also resulting in slow beard growth.

4. Beard implants

Yes, this is also a commonly used method to grow a fuller and thicker beard but be aware as it costs a decent amount of money, and even it might end up a failure if done unprofessionally.

The implants are done by taking teens’ hair from certain body parts and implanting them successfully to achieve results.

5. Hormone therapy, the last valley

When every method fails, this might be the one and the last to give a try. Certain pills, hormonal creams, or hormonal injections are taken to achieve a thicker beard.

But sadly, this does not work on all teens or men due to different genetics. Health is the major risk in the process and due to this, it’s highly recommended to avoid such therapies.

The Products That Help Your Beard to Grow Faster

Even if the teens exercise a lot, take enough vitamins, and have sound sleep. Still, there is a chance that many of them will either have slow beard growth or a patchy beard at the start.

Not only that but will also start experiencing itchiness as brand-new hair follicles sprout through the skin.

This is a genetic issue, there is nothing a teen can do about it. So to overcome the situation, some beard growth products could also be helpful.

So here are some of the famous products out in the market helping teens who ask this same question- how to grow a beard faster as a teenager?

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Why Teens Have Less Dense Beards?

After answering the question- how to grow a beard faster for teenagers? The next counter-question from teens will be about beard density.

Simply put, genetics, low testosterone levels, poor response from androgen receptors, and low blood circulation in cheeks are the root causes of less dense beards in teens.

Whether it is a teenager or a fully grown man, testosterone levels decide the density, thickness, pattern, and growth rate.

But the problems are always accompanied by solutions and below are some suggested remedies-

  • Stop panicking and give teenage facial hair some time. Facial hair may grow at varying rates on the skin so giving them enough time will better explain if the beard is patchy or dense.
  • Eating food that reduces patchiness in a beard like olive oil, pomegranate juice, and coffee. These have been proven helpful in increasing the levels of the required hormones.
  • Apply a micro-needle to the teen’s beard area. This process punctures the skin at the micro level. This indicates the body starts the healing process by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the area and hence reducing the patchiness of the beard.

Can Teenagers Grow a Beard at 15?

A teen’s beard starts growing around 15 to 18 years but they are often found patchy or thinner.

This is because teenage facial hair is just starting to grow and may take some time to its full growth.

Even in the 20s, the beard does not grow to full adult form. Here are more details.

When Does Facial Hair Fully Develop?

It varies among teens depending on their hormone levels and gene coding. But, by the start of 15 years, teens start growing patchy, sparse beards and this continues until age 20.

Later on, there is a gradual increase in teenage beard and bloom to the full extent by the age of 25.

Why Some Teens Can’t Grow a Beard?

Teens of the same ages are found with a variation where some grow facial hair while others do not.

Testosterone levels, androgen receptors, and DHT are the primary reasons for not growing a kid’s beard.

The lower the levels of testosterone and other factors, the less dense to no beards occur in teens.

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teenage beard growth stages

Factors for Late Beard Growth in Teenagers

Teenagers are found complaining that they are capable of growing a beard but the growth is late.

Besides hormones, genetics, and skin condition, there are some other factors involved in late beard hair growth. Such as-

  • Environment: Polluted environment causes dust, dirt, and other micro-particles, to reside on top of facial hair pores and blocks facial hair growth. If not taken care of, the skin cells in contact with dirt, and the micro-particle are later dead and of no use.
  • Lifestyle: This includes the diet plan, sleep and exercise, and your daily routines. The balance between them will positively affect on teen’s health which in return enriches the hair follicle with necessary nutrients and vitamins.

With all the care taken for healthy beard growth, the necessary beard grooming kit will make for faster teenage facial hair growth.

The followings are the must-have list of beard grooming equipment-


It takes a lot of care on your face if you want a beard that stands out. From facial take care to a balanced routine plan, all are important factors for you while struggling with the beard and searching for the answer to this question- how to grow a beard faster as a teenager.

Ignorance of these factors can lead to the reason not growing a beard or having slow beard growth.

Though teens are often found complaining about growing sparse facial hair, with certain food intake and external treatment, the patchiness can be greatly reduced and the problem comes to an end.

Teens usually grow beards at 15 starting with sprouting sharp-pointed facial hair causing itchiness. Luckily, there are creams to help beard growth, eventually developing a lustrous and thicker beard.

If you still want to learn more about teen’s beards then you can easily do that by visiting this link here.

So now that you know all knicks and knacks of beard growth, we would love to see you, as a teenager, having an attractive beard that tells its story about all the efforts you made for it. Wish you all the very best.

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