Does Pimple Affect Beard Growth?

does pimples affect beard growth

Healthy-looking beards make a man more appealing, attractive, and add an unbeatable manliness attitude to his personality. Who doesn’t love to have it, right? We all love to grow good-looking stylish beards and mustaches, aren’t we?

But unfortunately, not all of us have the luck to grow such facial hairs. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in America nowadays. The chance is, you have acne-prone skin and dealing with beard growth issues.

So today I’ll answer one of the most common questions- Does pimple affect beard growth?

So without any further ado, let’s start.

Pimples slow down the beard growth process due to the lack of hygiene beneath facial hairs. As beards keep growing, it attracts and stores debris, dust, and bacteria beneath your beards which cause pimples to breakouts. Severe pimples also clog and damage skin pores which eventually affect beard growth.

So while suffering from slow beard growth due to pimples, focus on getting rid of acne first then pay attention to your beards.

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4 Tips to Follow While Dealing with Beard Pimples

1. Create hygienic ground for your beards

As I said before- it happens due to debris and bacteria, so it’s important to wash your beards at least twice a day. It’s recommended to wash your face and beards with a gentle cleanser so that no bacteria, dirt, debris, oils, or dead skin cells stay there.

Tip– for the oily or normal skin type, use a non-comedogenic cleanser, mentioned on the label, which will not clog skin pores. But if you are dry-skin type then find a hydrating cleanser, importantly fragrance-free.

2. Keep beard hairs groomed

Besides washing don’t forget to keep your beards groomed like combing or moisturizing. Combing is important not only for grooming purposes but also for spreading grooming products through beards. If you have dry skin then using moisturizers or beard oils helps to soften your skin and beards. When that happens- it helps to stop itchiness and dryness.

Tip– If you have oily skin or severe acne then don’t use any beard oils or moisturizers. In case, if it reacts badly you may face breakouts.

3. Stop overuse of medications

Sounds weird? But it’s the ugly truth. Most acne sufferers love to think that the most they will care for their face the quicker it will heal their acne. When they do that, it even worsens the conditions. So yes, you should use some products like cleansers, beard oils, or moisturizers but never overuse them.

4. Visit a dermatologist and take medications

It’s recommended to visit a skin specialist and try some anti-acne medications containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoids.

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7 Proven Home Remedies for Beard Pimples

Besides medications, there are some proven and effective home remedies for beard pimples. Let’s get started.

  1. Keep your skin clean so that skin pores don’t get clogged. You should rinse your facial hair twice or thrice a day and must avoid dirty areas when you go outside. You can also use cleanser or any suitable face wash to wash your face after heading back from outside.
  2. If you have oily or acne prone skin then stop using any moisturizers and beards oils, as these will clog skin pores which may cause breakouts. But in case of dry and normal skin type, you can always use them. They will help you.
  3. Keep your face clean by shaving off, you can also use trimmer with safe guard but don’t use electric shaver or razor as they will cause your skin to irritate. Additionally, bearded face attracts debris and bacteria which cause pimples. So keep it clean and hygienic.
  4. Always stay hydrated- drink plenty of water. You will be surprised knowing that every dermatologist will suggest you to drink adequate amount of water (Min 3-4 ltr) per day. When you are hydrated, skin cells function well.
  5. Keep your hands off your skin because if you touch your pimples all the time it will even get worsen leaving ugly black spots on your face.
  6. Always change your pillow cover in every 3-4 days, otherwise it may harms.
  7. After shaving off or trimming off your beards, always use aftershave as it has anti-bacterial properties. Whether you shave off or trim, never skip aftershave process. If you have sensitive skin and feel burning sensation then find alcohol free aftershave cream. It will also help you.

5 Food Recommendations That Will Help Beard Growth

While dealing with bumps in the beard area you need to pay close attention to your daily dietary plan. You should exclude junk foods from your list (if any) and must include some foods which will increase the hormone level called testosterone (responsible for beard growth). Here are a few of them.

  1. Different Nuts- any kinda nuts including cashew nut, peanut, pistachio nut, hazelnut, and walnuts etc are full of calcium which is very crucial for beard growth.
  2. Eggs- eggs are another great source of micronutrients necessary for beard growth. The core element of an egg is protein which works like magic for facial hair growth.
  3. Potatoes- some research says that besides protein, carbohydrates play a vital role to beard growth. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates.
  4. Beef- any red meats are good source of saturated fat and rich protein which help to boost testosterone hormone.
  5. Fish- most fish comes with vitamin-B and omega-3s which help to protect skin and thus it ensures healthy and strong facial hair. Consumption of fish also fixes red bumps under beard.
bumps in facial hair


Growing facial hair is fun but maintaining it is a bit difficult. Believe me, each one of the bearded guys bears some level of pain while growing their dream beards, so why not you? Once you will have a good-looking stylish beard you can stand out from 99% of the crowd and become the center of attention. That’s awesome, right? So keep pushing forward. You can also read more about beard pimples.

I hope I could answer your question- Does acne affect beard growth? If you still have questions besides- Do pimples affect beard growth? Or any suggestions, please leave a comment. I’ll highly appreciate that.

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