Is Beard Oil a Waste of Money?

is beard oil a waste of money

There is no doubt that beard oil is important to grow healthier and fuller beards on your cheeks. It also works as moisturizers and protect your facial hair from dryness. But in some cases, beard oil might not be a good option for some users. If you have allergies or other skin issues then beard oils might react to it badly and you may eventually face a lot of bad than good. So, is beard oil a waste of money?

The short answer is “NO”, because while trying to grow a stylish beard then beard oil is a must have product for you.

The broad answer is “It Depends on many individual factors” because if you have oily skin, allergies or any other skin problems then beard oil is totally a waste of money for you.

Beard oil is not a waste of money for tens of thousands of beard lovers worldwide unless you have allergies or any other skin issues.

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Things to consider before buying any beard oil

  • Make sure the oil is 100% natural and made from organic ingredients. Some beard oils come with synthetic fragrances, harmful dyes, paraben, and mineral oils which are extremely harmful to your beards and skin.
  • Most beard oils contain essential oils like almond and jojoba oils which may react to allergies, so if you have allergic symptoms then try to use custom made essential oils free beard oil.
  • Make sure the bottle is dark and oil inside is not visible, else it may get rancid. Most importantly check the expiration date carefully.

Benefits of using beard oil

-Beard oil works as moisturizer and remove dryness.

-It makes your beard healthier, lusturous, softer, and attractive.

-Beard oil helps to easily tame your beards.

-These oils also remove bad smells from your beards.

-Itch-free skin.

-Beard oils also protect beards from dandruff.

-It moisturizes skin beneath, thus it opens skin pores and reduce skin inflammation.

-Prevent beard hairs from flyaway, so it looks even more attractive.

-Beard oils protect your beard from split middles or split ends.

is beard oil safe for skin

Why is beard oil expensive?

While thinking about- is beard oil a waste of money or not? You should know that beard oil should never be that much expensive at all. The raw materials of any kind of beard oil are always available and found with reasonable price.

But unfortunately, some brands sell their beard oils expensively claiming they have used a rare recipe and expensive ingredients, that’s totally a lie. The average price of regular size beard oil should be $10-$40 max.

100% natural beard oil will cost you a bit higher (not more than $40) while chemical added one costs less. It’s always important to pick the one with 100% organic ingredients.

Is beard oil safe for skin?

Yes, if you have no other skin issues or allergies then it’s 100% safe to use. But if you are already fighting with allergies or other medical conditions then it’s better to consult a skin specialist.


Using beard oil is not a waste of money but sometimes it is not only a waste of money but also a big thread for you. So before you start using any beard oil, focus on your own circumstances.

So hope this answers your question- is beard oil a waste of money? If you still have questions or any suggestions for me, please go ahead and leave a comment below in the comment section. I’ll appreciate that. Thank you.

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