Should I Shave My Beard?

should i shave my beard

Compared to ancient times, today’s world is pretty receptive to facial hairs. That is why the question, ‘Should I shave my beard?’ Has been treated carefully, with logical explanations, scientific studies, and debunking of some myths.

Whether to ‘shave or not to shave’ is a decision affected by various issues, including personal preferences, job requirements, personal grooming, etc. So how and when to shave your beards remains the biggest issue men face in their daily routines.

This article digs deep into highlighting some of these issues and answering some questions surrounding the controversies between facial hair vs. clean shave. So keep reading for all the details.

Reasons Not to Shave Your Beard

We are neither living during the Qing dynasty that required men to shave off their beards nor in the ancient Roman empire to debate our identity by keeping beards. The world we live in today is a perfect replica of a different era.

As men’s style trends and the fashion industry keep advancing, we have witnessed a sweep of transformations as far as beards are concerned. Who would have imagined that there would come a time when having a full beard would be such a breeze?

Well, here we are, and the bicker between a clean shave vs. Beards is on the verge of redefining the male fashion industry. Let’s dive in and understand why you need to keep your beards like a man.  Some of the reasons not to shave your beards are as below-

  • Beards Dictate Respect

Ever wondered why the photos of some of the most intelligent, wise, and learned ancient philosophers, doctors, or even rulers portrayed them having thick and long beards? Well, I am not saying they had lees beards; the point, however, is beards display wisdom, maturity, and intelligence.

That is the psychology beards play between others and yourself. Having thick and full beards depicts you as wise, mature, and intelligent. With all these positive vibes that come with beards, the question, ‘Should I shave my beard?’ slowly becomes anachronistic even to yourself.

  • Beards Alter Our Look

Unlike women who can change their appearance in a flip of a moment by changing their hairstyle, men cannot due to their looks. However, beards give you a different look compared to the times you were young or without beards. This is because beards make you look older.

Your face gives the first impression, and when you have been receiving that sexy look from the female or positive compliments from friends, then brace up and expect more to come your way.

  • Beards Protect Your Skin

One of the reasons against shaving your beards is the itchiness and discomfort that comes with it. As per another study, shaving your facial hair promotes acne due to the spreading of the bacteria that causes acne.

Additionally, beards trap moisture to help keep your skin hydrated and without blemishes. Besides, there are tons of benefits of having beards on your face. You can learn more from here.

Reasons to Shave Your Beard

You may be pondering over, ‘Should I shave my beard or not?’ question, and maybe you are undecided on what to do. The first thing you should know is that shaving is also okay, and the key lies in knowing when to shave your beard. Here are some reasons why you should shave your facial hair.

  • Maybe You Have A Job Interview

‘Should you shave for an interview?’ Remains one of the antique questions to ask due to the transformation of how employers view beards nowadays. However, some employers prefer a clean shave vs. beard guys hence the need to shave before appearing before the interviewers.

However, some employees keep their dress code guidelines casual, and the question of ‘should I shave my beard or not?’ Purely lies in you.

  • It Makes You Look Older Than You Are

As discussed above, beards portray a sense of maturity and old age. Some men, however, want to look young and the only thing standing in their way is the beards. In this case, shaving or trimming your beards is among the best option when you care about your perceived age versus your looks that much.

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Does Shaving Increase Beard Growth?

Shaving beards has been a controversial topic today due to rumors, facts, and myths associated with it. The first point of contention surrounding whether you should keep a beard vs. a clean shave is that it influences your beard growth rate.

Shaving off beards catalyzing facial hair growth is just another misconception that lacks scientific backing or logical explanation.

Let’s be pragmatic a bit. If shaving off beards promoted faster and thicker beards, then all men could have fully grown thick beards, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case since most men from various ethnicities still struggle with growing a full beard.

In as much as shaving your beards may make you feel that your facial hair is quite dense and thick when growing, nothing seems to have changed in reality. The only thing that affects your beard growth rate during the anagen period is your genes and the androgens.

Other factors that may stimulate thicker and faster beard growth include minoxidil and sufficient micro-nutrient balance in the body.

As a matter of fact, shaving regularly may only do some harm to your skin and facial appearance as it will damage your hair follicles, causing itchiness and discomfort. Whether you prefer the sharpest of Gillette razors or pay a barber to trim your beard, none of those will alter your beard growth cycle or catalyze your beard growth rate in any way.

So more frequent shaving doesn’t actually accelerate your beard growth rate.

How Often Should I Shave My Face?

The number of times you need to cut your beards depends on several factors, including how fast they grow, how dark they are, and how they make you feel, especially about your looks.

Different people have different beard shades, with varying growth rates and various reasons for shaving their beards. Therefore, selecting a specific time frame for all men to shave their beards will be a faux pas.

If your beards are a bother to you and threaten your self-esteem, then shaving regularly could be an option for you. You can consider shaving off your beards either daily, weekly, or at specific times of the month.

does shaving increase beard growth

Additionally, if your job demands a clean shave to beards, a daily or weekly razor or barber routine could help you abide by work’s terms. You don’t want to disobey your boss or employer, and therefore the question of beard or no beard may not be your thing as we speak.

Conversely, you can also choose not to shave as long as you maintain a clean beard, it doesn’t bother you in any way, and your current job status allows it.

For instance, ‘No shave November’ is not for most office guys, but the few men who enjoy freedom from work and resonate with the challenge.

The frequency and the time frame that suits you as long as beards are concerned is a personal choice, ceteris paribus. When your spouse is happy, your employer and fellow colleagues are not affected, and you are okay with the terms, then you are good to go with the routine you choose.


The question Should I shave my beard? will continue to be asked as long as men continue growing facial hair. However, there has been massive progress regarding the bicker between beards vs. clean shave today compared to the ancient times where one side dominated, and the other became victimized for their disparities in facial hair.

There will be transformation regarding facial hair vs. clean shave, but one thing remains certain: the ground, whether bushy or clean, is always ready for the seed of change. So hold your head high regardless of your facial hair. If you want to learn more details about shaving history then visit this Wikipedia page.

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