How Long Does It Take For Facial Hair to Grow Back?

how long does it take for facial hair to grow back

After shaving the beard, typically, it takes about four to six weeks to grow back full facial hair but besides this, other factors also play their part in the growth process.

The genes transferred by parents, especially the father, play a vital role in beard growth. Researches tell that Androgen, a steroid hormone that is vital for male characteristics and other functions, also can grow facial hair.

So, if your father has strong Androgens, you will likely grow facial hair faster. Testosterone, diets, and stress are some of the other factors that indicate how long does it take for facial hair to grow back.

Beard Growth Age

Usually, the beard growth age in males starts from the later stages of puberty. There is a variation found in beard growth as some are capable to develop facial hair in their elevens while others grow later.

Around fifteen years of age, males start beard growth and up till eighteen, they can develop a full grown beard, all thick and dense. Some males do not grow a beard even if they reach their age that is because of their low testosterone levels.

Causes of Slow Beard Growth

Studies have shown that there is an enzyme present in a male’s hair follicle’s oil gland. This enzyme activates a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a bi-product of testosterone. The lower DHT levels are also one of the primary causes of slow beard growth.

Diet is also one of the important factors in deciding how long does it take for facial hair to grow back. Males taking a strong diet greatly increase their testosterone levels and reduce estrogen. As a result, it opens up the skin pores; allow generating more enzymes in hair oil glands, and growing back facial hair faster.

While stress has always been a downgrading factor causing severe health problems like high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. It also greatly affects beard growth age. Stress produces cortisol, a primary stress hormone, which prevents vitamins and nutrients from reaching hair follicles that are necessary for healthy beard growth.

Following Steps Should Be Taken to Avoid Stress-

  • Sleep is referred to as the best anti-stress remedy. Sufficient sleeping helps the body increase testosterone levels resulting in healthy facial hair growth.
  • Exercise and meditation also prove to reduce stress levels and provides a separation from mentally irritating factors. This improves the proper blood circulation and ensures vitamins and nutrients reach the hair follicle.

Ways to Grow Back Beard Faster

For some reason, if you have shaved your facial hair and now hoping to grow beards back faster? No worries. Skincare, taking supplements, staying hydrated and other factors helps in faster beard growth.

Followings are the proven ways to grow back beard faster

  • Good Skincare: Cleansing your face twice a day (morning and night) will wash out dirt, oil, and grime from the pores. Use face moisturizers and skin oils which will not only improve your skin complexion but also result in smooth, soft, and healthy skin for facial hair growth.
  • Intake of B-Vitamins: Among some vitamins that aid in growing facial hair faster, adding biotin (Vitamin B7) to your daily routine will speed up growing facial hair back. The best practice recommended by dermatologists is to take 2.5-5mg daily.
  • Stay Hydrated: One of the best and natural ways to grow back facial hair is to stay hydrated. Taking vitamins and doing skincare will not help much if the body is dehydrated as the body will be unable to distribute these nutrients properly. This will eventually result in slow beard growth. It is recommended to have 64-80 oz water daily for proper hydration.

Does Shaving Support Growing Beard Back Faster?

Generally, people have misconceptions about the myth that says shaving helps growing beard back faster but there is nothing proven scientifically in this regard. The main purpose of shaving is only to bring all facial hair to a similar length. That’s it.

does shaving support grow beards back faster

Teenagers disagree with the above statement and they say to have a thicker beard during regular shaving. The reason is that in teenagers, the beard is in the Anagen stage (growing phase).

So, technically, it’s not the shaving that causes beard growth back faster, it’s just that your body has started the prime growth phase with a maximum increase of testosterone levels.

Does Plucking Affect Facial Hair to Grow Back?

Plucking is tolerable to a certain extent but doing it in routine will permanently stop beard growth. It is because when the hair is plucked often, the hair follicle gets damaged and stops regenerating forever after some time.

Time Required for Plucked Beards to Grow Back?

It usually takes 6-8 weeks to grow back. When beard hair is often plucked, hair follicles and roots are damaged and they take time to regenerate and firstly grow back thin beard hair. Later when the root repairing is done, proper beard hair starts to grow.

It is recommended to use an exfoliating facial scrub that contains salicyclic acid and gently rub it against the beard to remove the hairs.

Oils and Facial Creams to Grow Back Facial Hair

There is a variety of oils and creams that will aid in growing facial hair back after shaving but using the expensive and famous oil or cream will not answer alone the question- how long does it take for facial hair to grow back. This is because skin genetics (as discussed above) also plays a vital role in the growth process.

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Here is the List of Some of the Name Worthy Brands-

  • Crafted (enriched with omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Beard Farmer (castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil are its primary ingredients)
  • Maxx beard (Facial dropper made with Kopyrrol, Biotin, and Niacin)
  • Godefroy (Jamaican castor oil and plant extracts being the main ingredients)
  • Beard Flux XL (made with Argan oil)…etc.


There is no solid statement for the question- how long does it take facial hair to grow back. It all depends upon your genes that are transferred to you by parents, at which age you are expecting beard growth and diet etc.

A person should avoid taking stress, have sound sleep, take a proper healthy diet and maintain proper skin care to have a healthy beard and which grows back faster after shaving. You can read more about beard and shaving from

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, in case you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post. Thank you.

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