15 Weird Beard Styles in 2023 [Funniest Ever]

weird beard styles

Most men nowadays love to sport stylish beards in many ways. Some love to sport goatee, some chinstrap, and some other stubble or Viking. But only a few fashion-conscious guys have dared to choose some weird beard styles that are ridiculous and rare to be seen.

So today, I’ve compiled 14 of the weirdest and funniest beard styles in this post. Keep reading.

14 of the Funniest and Weirdest Beard Styles

Let’s focus on some weird beard styles in the first place. Besides, you can also have in-depth ideas on some cool beard styles for men.

1. Octopus Beard

funny beard styles

Growing and styling your beard is never a funny thing but look at the image and the chance is you will laugh. This weird beard style is inspired by a sea creature “the octopus” that’s why it is named the octopus beard.

My friend ‘Joe’ tried this weirdest beard style a few years back. The response was not that much worse. It doesn’t look that bad, right?

At least, ‘Joe’ was able to stand out from the crowd and grab people’s attention.

2. Heavy Hairy

weird facial hairs

It is also considered one of the funniest facial hairstyles because it requires longer and bushier facial hairs all over your face. The style is inspired by the lion’s look.

Let me know in the comment section how you feel about this style. I think having a lion’s look without really being a lion isn’t bad, right? kidding.

3. Monkey Tail Beard

monkey tail beard

Monkey tail beard has been inspired by the real “monkey tail” and was introduced back in September 2019, by baseball player Mike Fiers.

The style earlier came forward as cattail, and then, after a few years in 2019, it was widely known as monkey tail beard.

4. Beard with High Mohawk

weird looking beard

Mohawk is a historical, bold, and statement-making haircut which was common among Viking warriors, and then, down the line, it’s been back again in modern fashion trends.

But how come, if someone decides to sport beards with Mohawk?

It doesn’t look bad but many of us find it funny and consider it the weirdest beard style. But if you’re comfortable with it you can give it a try.

5. Handlebar Only

crazy facial hairs with bald head

The handlebar is a mustache style, hugely popular among 30 to 40 years of people. But, is it okay if someone grows a handlebar with a clean-shaven face and bald head?

A big question, isn’t it?

Take a look at the image above, it’s kinda weird. So while a big percentage of guys love this crazy facial hairstyle. I think it’s a weird facial hair design.

6. Heavy ‘Stache

insane beard styles

Heavy ‘stache is just another insane facial haircut. This ridiculous style gives an unusual look to your face.

It requires hairs on the upper lip and across the cheeks but no hairs on the jaw and chin. This weird-looking beard style is comparatively popular in some states of India.

8. Glitter Beard

ridiculous facial hair styles

While talking about funny beard styles, glitter beard deserves a spot here. This strange beard style is also called sometimes “Christmas beard”.

 It’s usually like normal beards but applying glitter to them makes the difference. Just after applying beard oil or a special glue, give some glitter to your facial hairs and that’s it.

9. Wavy Beard

crazy beard styles

The name itself says everything about this weird-looking beard. A longer and fuller beard turn like a sea wave. While some guys get it naturally others acquire it through chemical therapy.

How they get it does not matter, it looks funny to me. Let me know in the comment section how it feels to you.

10. Flower Beard

flower beard

Some people are very desperate to be different than others. Sometimes, they are willing to do anything and everything to get people’s attention. That’s how some guys use flowers in their beards and decorate them differently.

Being that said, guys put flowers in facial hairs to celebrate spring. The trend was introduced first in approx 1977, and is now, practiced comparatively more in “San Francisco”.

Have you heard this line from john Phillip’s song- “San Francisco”-

 “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”

I think this song has inspired thousands of men to wear flowers in their facial hair. People consider it a weird facial hair trend but I love it. It looks good.

11. Baubles Beard

funky beard styles

While reading about weird facial hairstyles, a baubles beard should be on the list. People usually try this during Christmas.

If someone tries it during Christmas that’s fine but if it’s tried without Christmas then people find it funny. But the flower beard and baubles beard trends are rising up in popularity day by day.

12. Cat ‘Stache

silly beard shape

Another crazy beard design is a cat ‘stache. This weird beard looks like a cat mustache that’s why it’s been named cat ‘stache. The special type of glue is used at both corners of mustache hairs and twisted to acquire the desired shape.

13. Retro Mustache

funny mustache styles

While talking about funny facial hairstyles “retro mustache” does worth mentioning here. It looks funny and weird to me.

14. Heavy Horseshoe Mustache

strange beard designs

The horseshoe mustache style is widely popular among mid-aged people but when someone decides to go crazy with the style then it looks funnier and weirder. Look at the image above, is that not funny enough?

15. Chinstrap with Mustache Connector

goofy beard cuts

Chinstrap is a cool beard style and is highly popular among young guys nowadays. But if someone connects chinstrap with mustaches then what would that look like? It completely looks funny and could be a great example of funny beard styles.

If you are a Chinese man and struggling with beard style we have a handful of resources for you. Here is a complete guide on Chinese beard styles, check it out.


Style-savvy men always try out new things to be different than others. These weird beard styles are the exact example of that. So did you find these funny beard styles fascinating or disgusting? Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below. I’m very interested to know what you think.

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