10 Medium Beard Styles for Men 2023 [#3 is Trendy]

medium beard styles

Show me your beards, and I’ll tell you who you are. Beards are the true symbol of a man’s identity, and how you choose to style them speaks volumes about your personality, character, and professionalism. Medium beard styles have become more popular nowadays among hundreds of thousands of stylish people around the world, and understanding the logic behind this breaks no bone.

Top 10 Trendy Medium Beard Styles for 2023

What criteria are used to rank the medium beard styles?

Ranking the medium beard styles in the top 10 list for 2023 is a decision subject to vary depending on the careful research for personalities, personal preferences, job environment, personal grooming, and fashion trends.

Therefore, whether first or last, ranking is just a reflection of the popularity of the medium beards styles today, and the number assigned to each doesn’t degrade or ennoble any of them.

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10. Stubble

Stubble is a medium beard style that surfaced back in the 1930s. It was renowned for the common lazy man who didn’t shave regularly.

Things, however, changed in the 1980s and people appreciated the fashion sense of stubble, and that has remained so to date.

In the 21st century, it is the most common starter pack for beginners who may want to grow and commit to beards.

medium stubble beard

How to Grow Medium Stubble?

Ask no more since here is what to do. Let your beard grow out for several days.  From what you have, shape your stubble. Trim your neckline and contour or fade your stubble level to match your desires.

There you go! It is one of the best beard styles and needs little maintenance.

Don’t get me wrong; it still requires maintenance. Trimming and moisturizing can save you the hustle for now, of course, with the aid of a hair conditioner.

Once in a while, scrubbing comes in handy to remove dead skin and improve the absorption of the moisturizer.

Should I Be Worried About Expert Maintenance?

Well, don’t forget that stubbles are still beards, and there is that itchiness too. So in case of itchiness, some infrequent regular scrubbing will leave your skin fresh.

Remember also to moisturize with beard oil and lead the stubble down or brush lightly. Achieve confidence, style, and prestige in your best beard style. And when it grows, put the clippers and scissors into action.

9. Scruff

Just to what extent would you like to balance order to your chaos? Kill the looks without appearing like a nerd. Balance it with the epic beard style, and the scruff. It is just what you need, not too perfect and not too lost but the right kind of sane.

Maybe you didn’t know; scruff is associated with handsome men. Therefore, thinking of scruff when you hear of handsome men with beards is pretty okay.

Some may say it is an older sibling version of the stubble family.  They are right, wild but refined.

Who Does It Suit?

The Medium beard style is versatile for different shapes and faces. It is a crazy beard design style for round faces or bald-head-shaven men who want to have a touch of craziness under control. It delivers a mature look that commands respect.

scruff beard style

How Do You Grow Medium Scruff?

Here’s the trick. Let your stubble grow off for 3 to 4 weeks, or even longer, depending on your genes and conveniences.

Then select the appropriate beard trimmer you trust and get down to work. Trim your neck and contour, or let the hair level stay natural.

The scruff is a step up of beard commitment. Remember to moisturize using beard oil or hair conditioner to retain softness and brush once in a while to prevent coils.

Any Expert Maintenance?

Yes. The medium scruff is without a doubt often itchy and uncomfortable during its growth. So, ensure you apply beard oil to moisturize the hair follicles as they grow. Also, maintain the refined aspect of it by trimming it when they grow.

8. Business or Corporate Beard

This turns out to be the best beard style for a business look. It is moderated between a half-size and size one clip. The monotony of beard level is constant to half and one inch short. Love looking nerdy? Maybe the business beard nerd will do.

It also gives a sense of seriousness and has everything under control. With this style, nothing is left to chance while on the shave. The lines are well-trimmed and have no flyways.

Who It Suits…

The short full-face beard works great for any face. This can be a beard style for fat guys or a shaved head with beard styles. It’s an official look, and seeing a man with a beard but no hair is normal.

This is one of the well-kept beard styles that command the official look with no room for casual tastes of fashion.  It is mainly adopted by the working class, whose workplaces are uptight on facial hair.

business beard styles

Here’s how to Grow Medium Business Beard

Groom and grow your beard for 1 to 2 months to the length of 1 inch. After its potential growth to business beard standards, trim it to the desired length with a beard trimmer.

After that, snip away all the wild and stray hairs. Don’t forget to trim the neckline and cheek line to get a clean shave. Here is how to perfectly trim your cheek and neckline.

Any Expert Maintenance?

The occasional scrub to rid the dead skin is crucial for a healthy beard, skin, and clean look. Therefore, shave regularly and apply beard oil to moisturize.

You can also brush daily for evenness and in a constant direction to maintain the corporate look.

In your maintenance, remember to also trim with scissors and clippers when it grows to the desired level.

7. The Goatee or Circle beard

The goatee is a standard beard shave. This is because it is common and trendy as it has been embraced widely during the last couple of years. It is neither a mustache nor a beard alone but a combination of both.

A meticulous scalp of the beard nerd creates a frame for the mouth. It is a starter pack for those who want to grow a full beard.

Any Perfect fit?

The crazy goatee facial hairstyle best suits slim, angular faces and the best beard style for oval bald heads. Yes, like Dwaine Johnson’s, that’s what I’m referring to.

It adds style to the frondeur faces of boys and men alike. It gives an older look, commands respect, and fills in on personality gaps.

medium goatee beard

Here’s How to Grow a Medium Goatee

Grow your mustache, facial, and chin hair to a level of your liking but most preferably medium or fairly long for ease while looking after. Brush and moisturize with a hair conditioner regularly.

Trim the whiskers too so they don’t overlie on your upper lips and proceed sideways to the chin. Refer to your jawline to get a decent shape.  Thereafter, shape and trim your goatee to desired length and clean edges.

Any Expert Maintenance?

Another hack? The shorter the goatee, the more maintenance is required. Don’t let it grow too long, either. For a sexy look, medium serves best.

Washing and applying beard oil is paramount, with the option of applying dye as well. Upon growth, trim with clippers and scissors, and you’re good to go.

6. Full Beard Au Naturel

The full beard is a classic middle eastern beard style that grows all facial hair. It covers the cheeks, jaw, lip, and chin, and most men would do anything to have it.

Not all men can grow a full beard due to the variance in genetic factors, work policies, meals, sleeping routine and nutrition, care, and health for the hair.

Growing the full beard requires total commitment and can be modified to the lumberjack beard or the ducktail beard anytime, that’s also a great benefit of going with a full beard.

Who It Suits

Hello, round face. Did you know that this is one of the best beard styles for the round face? The full beard au naturel can only rich its full glory for those who are patient enough to wait.

Besides the round face, this beard style also fits the man with a beard but no hair and the fat guys. It’s one of the bushy beard styles that some men attach ego and fashion to. Here the determining factor is patience.

full beard style

So how to Grow a Full Beard Au Naturel?

In a month or two, let your facial hair grow off and fill in completely where there are patches and unevenness.  Brush and soften with an air conditioner regularly. With the full beard, your scissors and clippers are only raised for trimming.

You can trim the areas around your Adam’s apple downwards. Remember to eat well, sleep enough and exercise to give your facial hair the necessities to grow. Here are a few more hacks.

After achieving the desired length of growth, trim carefully the overlies to obtain a level layer of hair. If desired, modify to get the lumberjack beard or the ducktail by shaping appropriately.

Here Are the Expert Maintenance Tips

You require patience to grow a full beard, so resist all the temptation to cut your hair.  Regularly wash and moisturize your facial hair. Don’t forget to comb the beard regularly to straighten and not look like a slob.

It should be the basic drill during the growth process and after trimming. Trimming continues as long as the beard style is kept.

The Full beard is the basis of numerous options, such as the lumberjack and ducktail beards. Congratulations, if you reached here, beard-nerd!

You may now vary between the options or even go ahead to dye and spice it up! Before you step to grow a long beard, read this post carefully.

5. Viking Beard

Bushy, large, and long is the original description of the Viking beard. The Viking beard is an epic and crazy beard style for men.

It is inspired by historic Nordic Warriors and was often braided before going into battle. It served as a symbol of dashing masculinity and is intimidating to opponents.

Who It Suits

The Viking beard clicks with all shapes and faces: round, rectangular, square, and oval. It is a step further to show braveness and mercilessness for men, intimidating opponents.

viking beard

How to Grow a Medium Viking beard?

Let the beard grow off to a minimum of four inches long. If your terminal beard length can’t reach that, improve growth by buying and using beauty products to keep it healthy and growing. Good nutrition is crucial: based on Omega 6 and 3 for best results.

Foods rich in Omega 6 and 3 are oily fish and meat. Clean your hair using shampoos and hair conditioners specially selected for your hair.

Keep regularly trimming to encourage growth before it gets split ends. Here are a few tips on healthy beard growth.

Trim heavily on the cheeks and lightly on the chin. The chin beard should be longer than the chin naturally, then trim backward under the chin but lightly towards the neckline.

The final product should be a medium-sized bushy and wild beard!

Expert Maintenance

Wash regularly with beard shampoo and a special conditioner as chosen to keep the beard clean and healthy. Moisturize with beard oil and brush the Viking beard to style. Additional options such as dying your beard are left at your discretion, the Viking!

4. BeardStache

The Beardstache is a hybrid of stubble and a full beard. It keeps the mustache longer and thicker or denser than the surrounding area.

Beardsatche is a dominant Asian facial hairstyle but is not limited to Asia. If you have an interest, know more about the Asian beard growth myth.

Who Does It Suit?

The Beardstache generally requires thick facial hair and works on all faces: triangular, round, square, and oval. Its best fit is on people with a broader skin stretch between the top lip and the nose.

beardstache beard

How to Grow Beardstache?

Let your facial hair grow to the level of stubble. Ensure you wash with beard shampoo and moisturize while brushing to maintain a healthy beard as it grows.

Trim and maintain the hair around the chin and cheeks at a stubble level as the mustache grows further.  Ensure the side finish of the stubble is just lower than the mustache.

Expert Maintenance

Ensure the difference between the mustache and surrounding facial hair is just a level looking great.  Any mistake on the stubble may require a fresh start to the whole process. Therefore, be careful to use a guard on your clippers.

Regularly use wax on your Beardstache to keep it decent and tangle-free.

3. Faded Beard

The faded beard is a dial-down version of the full beard. It is a more versatile middle ground in the work environment. All it does is add style to the medium beard style.

It has gained popularity as the best beard style for teens as it is the ‘drake beard style.

Who It Suits

It suits boys and men with triangular-shaped faces, round faces, and square and oval-shaped faces. It also accommodates buzzed and clean-shaven heads with beard styles for men.

The Faded beard is the most common and popular hairstyle among boys and men that meets fashion with a trend!

faded beard style

How to Grow a Faded Beard?

Let your hair grow off to a full beard au naturel. It doesn’t have to grow to full length for the patches of uneven growth to have filled up.

Taper your facial hair from around the sideburns and the edges of your cheeks while leveling up gradually. Trim your neckline and clear every stray.

Expert Maintenance

Wash the faded beard with shampoo and moisturize with a hair conditioner. Apply oil to soften the hair follicles and prevent itching.

Clean facial hair is well-kept and kempt hair. Continuous regular trimming is key to the neatness of handsome men with beards.

2. Van Dyke Beard

The van Dyke Beard is a combination of a mustache and a goatee and was named after Renaissance painter Anthony Van Dyke. It leaves no hair on the cheeks and sideburns.

It has popularly been pioneered by Robert Downey Jr, the ‘Iron Man,’ besides the Kings of England and Roman Emperors.

Who It Suits

The Van Dyke beard is upscale and suits triangular, rectangular, and square-shaped faces. With a casual touch, it gives a classic and unique look. It syncs with a shaved head with beards or a buzzed head with beards.

van dyke beard style

How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard?

Let your hair grow off to stubble. Comb your mustache and beard downwards. Trim your mustache ends below the jawbone and connect with the beard along your neck.

Clear or trim down your cheek and neck of facial hair. Maintain the mustache and beard outline. Trim the mustache outline, leaving a gap in your beard, and trim two semi-circles around your soul patch. Welcome to royalty!

Expert Maintenance

The Van Dyke beard style is all about clean lines and angles. Once shaped up, brush to remove any tangles if you have a bushier version.

Apply beard wax to make the hair dense and grow thick. Wash and scrub with shampoo, and moisturize with beard conditioner.

Besides, apply oil to soften the hair follicle and prevent itchiness. In case of growth, trim the goatee with scissors nicely and the mustache with a sharp razor or clippers.

1. Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard is a beard without sideburns but has a well-trimmed floating mustache. It was widely popular in the early 1900s in Italy. Different from the Van Dyke, this beard style forms a T anchor shape and lacks a goatee.

Any Perfect Match?

The Balbo beard fits every face; triangular, rectangular, square, round, diamond, and oval. It is best for people with weaker chins to hide them and portray fullness.

balbo beard

Here’s How to Grow Balbo beard

Let your facial hair grow off for six or more weeks to grow enough hair. Thereafter, comb your mustache and beard downwards.

Additionally, trim your mustache ends below the jawbone and connect with the beard along your neck.

Remember also to clear or trim down your cheek, hair, and neckline, leaving the underneath and sides of the jaw with a level beard.

Ensure the shape formed is an inverted T closing up to an anchor. Maintain the mustache and beard outline. Other than that, trim the mustache outline, leaving a gap in your beard. Conclude by trimming two semi-circles around your soul patch.

Expert Maintenance Tips?

Wash regularly with shampoo, moisturize with hair conditioner and apply beard oil.  After that, brush for neatness and maintain the clean lines and angle by regular trimming with scissors and clippers.


Years down the line, the beard culture will stick if not absorbed by all the boys and men. All that will change is just the fashion and trends as they are subject to revision before the taste of men.

As mentioned, the taste factors will remain constant in a man’s personality; personal preferences, job requirements, personal grooming, and fashion trends.

Regardless of all that, the medium-style beards have lived with us for a long time now, and with the introduction of some styles like thor beards styles, drake beard styles, and the ginger beard styles, who knows what tomorrow holds.

Or should we say that the beard and the modern men’s fashion industry are a perfect replica of ancient trends that has seen a dynamic sweep of changes to what it’s become today?

Today we have the Arabian beard styles and the redhead beard styles; let’s see what tomorrow brings. You can also have some ideas from here.

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