Do Girls Like Men with Mustaches? [Answer Revealed]

handlebar mustaches with stubble

Understanding women’s psychology is a bit tricky, what we’ve noticed is a large number of women love to see their men with a full facial coverup, roughly around 50.29%, and another big portion prefer beards without mustaches, around 43.27%.

But still, there are some women who crave to be with a man having a dashing badass mustache. So you’ve got to take your mustache seriously.

Because not only your mustaches are a sign of manliness and confidence, but it’s also proved to be the center of attraction for some females. Yes, mustaches add a rough and royal look to your face.

But let’s say you have a creepy mustache, who knows when you’ll grab a gorgeous girl’s attention who loves mustaches?

But don’t worry, I’ve covered your back by doing all the in-depth research. Here, I’ll guide how you can grow a sexy mustache and the effective ways of taking care of it.

Most importantly, I’ll tell you the secrets of why girls like men with mustaches. so without further ado, let’s get started.

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Why do some girls love Mustaches?

Some girls feel secure being with a man sporting a mustache, they also find men with mustaches more dominant, dashing, and appealing.

On the other hand, some women are found with varying preferences. They prefer a clean-shaven upper lip.

Similarly, some girls suggested men should grow a mustache with a beard otherwise it’ll look lonely while on the other hand, some women rejected the concept and stated bluntly to shave the mustache before kissing.

But those who preferred the mustache also said to have it perfumed for a nice feeling.

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What does a mustache say about a man?

A perfectly trimmed mustache speaks a lot about a man’s personality traits and also predicts his quality of living standards.

We’ll all have to agree on the common fact that men sporting a mustache are definitely manlier compared to clean-shaven-baby-face males.

Likewise, studies have also shown that males with mustaches are extremely intelligent. Due to this high mental caliber, they are proven to be more competitive.

In addition, it is also witnessed that self-confidence and extrovert personality traits, both were found in abundance in males sporting mustaches.

Another fact revealed that males with mustaches are richer than males without them or males with only beards.

An interesting fact is that a study carried out on American males with mustaches concluded that they posed a higher income rate (8.2 percent on average) as compared to bearded men and 4.3 percent as compared to clean-shaven men.

5 Reasons to Grow Mustaches

There are plenty of reasons. I will be discussing 5 of them below-

  • Win your dream girl: Sporting a stylish mustache that also suits perfectly your face adds dominance to your personality. Girl likes to be with wiser men and these mustaches are the right sign of wisdom in males.
  • Get a job: Employers always seek the right candidate which can communicate flawlessly with others and performs confidently in their job roles. And when they meet a man with a well-groomed mustache, they know he is the right candidate.
  • Increase your sex appeal: Since growing mustaches directly relate to a primary sex hormone in males, the lustrous and thicker the mustache, the higher the level of sex hormone. Males sporting mustaches can prove to be better sex partners with mates than clean-shaven males.
  • Prevents wrinkles and skin cancer: Wrinkled skin is one of the symptoms of aging males and mustaches are the best preventive measure to reduce wrinkles. Furthermore, research done by Radiation Protection Dosimetry concluded that males growing mustaches along with beards are less addicted to skin cancer caused primarily by exposure to ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Reduction of facial infections by shaving: Since you are planning to grow facial hair, you’ll definitely be not shaving. And so, this can greatly reduce skin infections because shaving scratches the skin’s topmost layer allowing bacteria to seep deeper into the skin.

Are Mustaches Attractive?

Hot guys with mustaches sidestep the clean-shaven men as they appear bold, strong, and most importantly the center of attention of lovely girls.

So why do girls like men with mustaches?

Because they are attractive. But contrary to that they can also be creepy and give the ugliest look to your face if groomed in the wrong ways.

On the contrary, men, differ in opinions pertaining to mustaches. Some men consider it a stylish and cool-looking feature while others complain about its awkwardness.

So it narrows down to what exactly your personal grooming choice is. This question can only be answered truly by the person seeking to decide whether to have a mustache or not.

Are Mustaches Creepy?

Mustaches sometimes appear to be creepy because it requires a lot of attention and untiring personal care.

Ignorance in its care can end up in creepy mustaches like bushy ones and one can easily tell it hasn’t been groomed in a day or two.

Luckily, here are some tips that I can give you to avoid having creepy mustaches.

  • Visit the barber shop periodically for timely care of mustaches and proper maintenance.
  • Try maintaining an easier mustache style like a chevron and then go for a stylish one. This way you will know the ins and outs of maintaining a mustache.
  • While growing your certain mustache style, never overlook your facial feature requirements. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking creepy guy with a mustache. For example, a large mustache on a round face or a manly mustache on a thin facial feature won’t just suit you at all.

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Is a Mustache Unprofessional?

The mustache adds maturity and confidence to the personality but in the contrast, an employee without facial hair is considered neat and clean.

It really depends on what the job requirements are and also your employer’s preferences.

No matter how well-groomed your mustache is, you’ll have to shave it off if your boss thinks it gets your face messy.

But on the contrary, there are employers who consider a candidate with a mustache thinking they might run their operations with authority and confidence.

mustache styles

How to flaunt with various mustache styles?

Look at famous celebrities and famous personalities and see how they are flaunting their stylish mustaches.

For example, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, Teddy Roosevelt, and many great men have mustaches.

And if you want a dream mustache, try looking at some of my given mustache styles, and maybe you’ll find one for yourself.

Mustaches are classified into three categories and from them, I have explained two styles and also discussed how to grow them perfectly-

  • Natural mustache style
  • Handlebar mustache style
  • Hybrid mustache style

1. Natural mustache style

  • Chevron mustache

This is the most common mustache style and is preferably recommended for newbies. This type of mustache follows the shape of the upper lip and covers it partially. The main feature of this type is that it is wider than the mouth corners. It’s uncertain how the mustache finds the name chevron but the best guess is the Chevron Corporation Logo. If you flip that logo upside down then it matches exactly with the shape of a mustache.

Tips on growing chevron: Don’t trim it off and let it grow naturally. It usually takes 2-3 months to achieve its full length and thickness. If you find difficulty growing it alone, try growing it with a beard and shave the beard later.

  • Lampshade mustache

You guessed it. The name is given from the trapezoidal shape of the lamp. In contrast to the chevron, it does not grow wider than the upper lip’s edge, higher than the bottom, and never touches the upper lip.

Tips on growing Lampshade: It requires natural growth and also needs grooming during its growth course. It requires 1-2 months to grow.

2. Handlebar mustache style

  • Handlebar mustache

Its thicker ends leave a wow impression on girls and drive great attention toward the person sporting this mustache. Its ends are transformed into fine points and later curled outback over cheeks giving a sexy look.

Tips on growing Handlebar: You need to give this mustache at least six or more months to grow as it requires significant length to achieve this style. The main feature of this mustache is the edge points that grow from the hairs at the edges.

  • Hungarian mustache

Part walrus, part handlebar, and totally badass. This mustache is surely the stuff legends sport as I’ve witnessed Rollie Fingers sporting one. As opposed to the handlebar, the ends do not curl upwards but sit lower on the cheeks.

Tips on growing Hungarian: Grow this mustache like a walrus and later re-shape it to have long ends. You’ll have to wait up to a year for this baby to grow at its fullest length and lusher thickness.

3. Hybrid mustache style

  • Horseshoe mustache

This killer mustache is an American type. The mustache gets this name because the thick hairs (like the shape of a horseshoe) run down from cheeks in strips parallel to the mouth and extend to the jawline.

Growing horseshoe: The easiest way to grow this mustache is to grow a beard at a full-thickness for about 3-6 months and later shave off extra hairs.

  • Imperial mustache

The ends are not pointed and curled back to cheeks but instead curl straight upward in a natural flow. This mustache also uses cheek hair to give a unique shape. Therefore, it’s obvious to confuse this mustache with a handlebar or Hungarian.

Tips on growing imperial: You’ll have to grow cheek hair along with a beard and mustache for imperial style. Later, shave the beard with exception of a small amount of cheek hair once the required length is achieved. You’ll need to train your mustache to remain upward by combing and brushing but remember to leave ends natural instead of pointing.

reasons to grow a mustache


There’s no denying fact that women want men, not boys, and this alone answers the common question of whether girls like men with mustaches.

Therefore, these mustaches are one of the desirous reasons women want to be with a man. Your personality traits are all written over your face by the mustache.

Therefore, based on its grooming and styles, women judge instantly whether they’re manly, wise, and sexy enough to be with.

Of course, women’s opinions differ from each other but contextually, any perfectly trimmed mustache whether imperial or Hungarian pulls attraction towards mustache lovers and adds flying colors to his facial features.

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So you see it’s never a concern whether mustaches are good to grow or not as it depends totally on context and given circumstances.

Yes, mustaches always have a creepy potential. But with the care and precautions I’ve highlighted, these messy mustaches can be transformed into a well-groomed mustaches.

If you still want to read more about mustaches then you can visit this Wikipedia page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment below in the comment section. I’ll love to hear from you.

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