Can I Use Hair Dye On My Beard? [Expert’s Guide]

can i use hair dye on my beard

Have you ever looked into the mirror and spotted greybeards on your face? If yes then it’s embarrassing and you won’t be comfortable seeing it that way, right? So you’re most likely to think of dyeing your beards and there is a high possibility you might have asked yourself- Can I use hair dye on my beard?

If so, I’ll try to disclose everything about this question today in this post (step by step). The straight answer to this query is a ‘cautionary yes’.

You can use hair dye on your beards if you want. But while doing this, you should be a little more careful as you may face a lot of bad than good. So the best way to dye your beard is to use a good quality non-irritating beard dye.

However, hair dye may not necessarily be the best option for your beard. The skin on the face tends to be more sensitive than the skin on the scalp.

Therefore, the skin around your beard may have a different reaction to hair dye.

Out of a billion reasons, only two are significant why men dye their facial hair. Some dye their beards to improve their appearance, while others choose to melt some years off from their age by blending away their greying beard hair.

Let’s dive in and dig deep into the nitty-gritty of beard color.

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What Is The Difference Between Hair Dye and Beard Dye?

Facial hairs are a bit different from head hairs and other body hairs, so should the dyes also be different for them?

The fact is beard dyes are produced with semi-permanent chemicals, which cause them to fade away quickly.

Facial hair dye can be retained longer when rinsed unlike, hair dye which tends to run when wet. 

The beard dye has specific chemical formulas and potency therefore, achieving a natural look while using beard dye is more straightforward than using hair dye on your multi-colored beard.

Hair dyes are typically designed for thinner hair, making the dye harder to use on thick and coarse facial hair.

The packaging for the two dyes is also different. Beard dye comes with an applicator brush, while hair dye does not.

Difficulties You May Face Using Hair Dye on Beards

The skin on your face tends to be more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. Therefore, using hair dye for facial hair may cause an unpleasant burning sensation on your skin.

Due to the pores on the face, the beard dye’s chemical formula is different from that of hair dye.

Naturally, beard hair tends to be rougher and coarser than the hair on your scalp.

Hence, when using hair dye, you may be required to leave it longer to have the same beard dye results.

Leaving hair dye on for too long may either result in increased irritation on your skin or produce undesired results by making your beard darker than you intended.

How Do You Apply Hair Dye to Your Beards

Before dying facial hair, ensure that you choose the right color and shade. It is recommendable to choose a color that is a few shades lighter than your beard.

Choosing a lighter shade prevents your beard from coming off as too dark-looking.

After picking your desired color, ensure to conduct a patch test on the dye before applying it to your beard.

Apply a tiny amount of the dye on the elbow 48 hours before applying it to your beard.

This test will help you identify if your skin is allergic or intolerant to the dye you intend to use. If there are no rashes on your skin after the patch test, you can apply the dye following the steps below.

Before dying, you can trim and groom your beard into your desired style.

Step 1: Skin Protection

Ensure that you use rubber gloves as they help to prevent staining or skin irritation. Additionally, apply either beard conditioner, beard balm, or Vaseline petroleum jelly to prevent the dye from leaking and getting to your skin.

Step 2: Prepare Your Dye

It is always good to read the instructions on the product’s package before anything else. After reading, you can proceed to mix equal portions of the base color and the developer.

Step 3: Apply the Dye to Your Beard

Dip the tip of your application brush into the solution and apply it to your beard. Use an up-and-down movement, spread over the dye deep into the beard, and ensure that all the noticeable areas are covered.

Leave the dye on for 10 to 20 minutes while observing the color change. Following the instructions on the product’s package is essential.

It will help you know exactly how long you are to leave the dye on your beard.

If the results obtained are not satisfying, you can decide to have a second application.

You can remove the dye using a wet towel and start the application process all over again.

Step 4: Wash Off the Dye

Using beard shampoo, wash your beard carefully. The shampoo will help remove dead skin from underneath the beard and nourish your follicles.

It will also prolong the period your beard retains the dye. Rinse off your beard and massage the hair to remove any dye remaining.

Massage your chin and sideburns using a clean towel or use a blow dryer to ensure you get rid of any wetness on your beard.

After the application, the dye certainly needs maintenance. Some of the tips for retaining a fresh-looking beard include applying beard oil regularly, using a barbed color shampoo, and reapplying your dye when you start to notice grey hair.

 How Often Should I Dye My Beard?

how often using hair dye on facial hair

If you are looking to maintain a fresh-looking beard, then you will have to apply dye on your beard after every two weeks. After dying your beard, the color gradually wears off every time you wash your face.

Also, your hair is continuously growing means that the natural color of your beard might soon reveal itself at the bottom.

You can ensure that your beard keeps its color longer by adequately maintaining it using a barbed color shampoo.

It is vital to keenly read the instructions on your product’s package to ensure that you are aware of how often you can apply it.

How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

There are different beard dyes. How long your beard color lasts depends on what type of dye you choose. The permanent dye can last for weeks or months, depending on your hair growth rate.

The permanent dye can save you maintenance routines as you do not need to re-apply it every day or after a few days.

You can opt to go for a simpler beard dye. These temporary dyes last for a couple of days or weeks. These dyes have a shorter lifespan and tend to wash off as you keep washing your face.

The other available option is homemade beard dye. These dyes wash off easily as well and require touch-ups daily.


Conclusively, no one should deny you a younger look, not even your beard. The fact that you may not be young anymore should not steal your looks or disgrace your fashion.

In any case, you are not committing any fashion faux pas by dying your facial hair.

Young people also dye their beards for different reasons, and coloring your beard is a choice that some men pick because of their attachment to their beards.

Keeping that beard for that long to cut it, in the end, may not sound nice to most men who may tweak things by trying out some dyed beard styles.

Dying your beard is another set of responsibilities since you’ll also need to know how to take care of your dyed facial hair.

Yes, dyed beards need maintenance, and choosing to dye your beards means acknowledging and maintaining them. Because that is what elegant men rock with!

So I hope I could answer your question can I use hair dye on my beard? If you still have any questions or suggestions for me then feel free to leave them in the comment section. Thank you.

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