Can Asians Grow Beards? – [Complete Guide]

can asians grow beards

One of my friends became obsessed with Asian culture and asked me- Can Asians Grow Beards? But unfortunately, I couldn’t answer this question straight forward.

So, I started researching it and scouring the web deeply, I wrapped up the answer in this post. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

Generally, men from China, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan tend to have reduced facial hair compared to Caucasian men.

The former may still grow full beards that tend to be weaker and somewhat patchy. So, raising such a question could seem somewhat pretty normal, right?

So, let’s dive in and understand the facts and myths of Asian beard growth and also look at some remedies to solve this issue. Also, don’t forget to check out our in-depth analysis of Asian mustaches.

Asians typically grow fewer facial hairs compared to Caucasians or Melanesians. It’s because of the genetics they get from their ancestry. But assuming that all Asians can’t grow beards is simply stereotypic.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Beards If You’re Asian

Men generally love a narrative that they can connect with. A complete and thick beard that reflects its owner minus his rather lazy or slobbish instincts is precisely what men want.

As an Asian man, it is frustrating to learn that you may fail to grow the good-looking beard you may see with Caucasians.

However, before you completely give up on your beard, there are 5 natural ways that you can use to try and improve your facial hair.

1. Healthy Beards Demand A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy diets is probably one of the clichés that doctors and experts will give to solve almost all your problems.

If you have ignored this advice before, you will want to try it if you are looking forward to better-looking facial hair.

In your diet, ensure that there are many vitamins A, B, C, and E. Additionally, eat as much keratin as possible. Keratin helps boost hair growth and promotes healthy hair.

It is also advisable that you eat fish and nuts that contain omega-3 fatty acids. When these are the constituents of your meal, you can expect to change your beard growth.

2. Regular Exercises

Studies have shown no direct relationship between Asian men’s testosterone levels and the size of their beards.

However, if low levels of testosterone pronounce themselves on your facial hair, then this is for you.

Among the many advantages of exercises in your body is that they improve testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are high, you boost your body’s processes, such as hormone growth.

Therefore, exercise more and pay more attention to resistance training and other high-intense exercises. Pushups and pull-ups will also help if, for some reason, you cannot lift weights.

3. Take Care of Your Beard and Skin

Although you are frustrated that your beard does not look as good as you would love it, this does not excuse you to stop taking care of it.

Taking care of your face and beard will create a better environment for more beard to grow. There are a lot of Chinese men with full beards, and that is the light that you need at the dying embers.

Therefore, take care of your face in ways such as moisturizing using beard oil. It would be great if you consult beauticians or even a cosmetologist before buying any beard products.

Remember, you are trying to improve your beard’s growth by not creating more problems for your facial hair and skin through burns and itchiness.

Also, look for other products and items such as a beard brush to help your beard look good. When you have such a good beard environment, you encourage the growth of more facial hair.

4. Drink Enough Water

I am in no way trying to pronounce that a Chinese man with a beard drinks tons of liters of water a day. In highlighting the methods of naturally growing a full beard, water plays an important role.

Water has benefits for all parts of your body, and your beard is no exemption. When you drink water, you keep your skin hydrated and thus in a position to grow facial hair.

Additionally, if your body is dehydrated, your hair becomes brittle, dry, and thin. As a result, the little beard that grows will eventually fall off. Therefore, keep your body hydrated, and you will reap the results of hydration.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Many changes happen in your body when you are asleep such as growing your hair and regenerating your skin.

Additionally, when you have enough sleep, you positively impact your testosterone levels.

Therefore, in addition to doing everything else on the list, plan your schedule in a way that you have enough time for sleep.

At least seven hours of sleep every night will do wonders for your body, your facial hair included. Try this, and you could be the next Asian with a full beard!

Another tip that you could grow a beard is through surgery. Ever heard of a beard transplant?

In case you care so much about developing a full beard, then feel no lesser of a man by trying the transplant.

You could be the next bearded Asian, or should I say, Confucius?

Does It Mean Asians Have Low Testosterone Levels?

As opposed to what most of us may think, studies may surprise a big time. Testosterone is the hormone in men responsible for masculine changes like the beard’s growth.

For this reason, when most Asian men cannot grow a beard, the first thing that comes to mind is that they have low testosterone levels.

However, research has shown that the testosterone level in Asian men is not the reason for their facial and body levels.

The difference in testosterone levels in Asian men and other men is so slight. It cannot be attributed to provoking inadequate growth of beards.

Since studies have not shown a direct relationship between Asians’ inability to grow a full beard and their testosterone levels, it would be fair to mention that the disparities in Asian male facial hair don’t indicate anything to do with testosterone levels.

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Can Asians Grow Full Beards Like Caucasians?

Caucasians are among the most bearded men in the world. Unlike Caucasians, Asians are known for the Asian goatee or some specific Asian beard styles.

Nevertheless, a few Asians can grow a full beard. So what makes it rather hard for the majority to grow a full beard naturally?

Needless to say, genetics plays a significant role in the development of facial hair. This can somewhat be traced decades up to centuries back when the great-grandparents of Asians walked the earth.

The genetics they passed to their offspring today may have some of the answers that we seek today.

Tracing back to the 17th century proves that the Qing Dynasty rulers had clean beards or wore a mustache. This says a thing about the Chines mustache but doesn’t rule out that they grew beards.

Conversely, the Han kept beards until the onset of the 17th century, when Asian facial hair started to diminish.

From the 17th century, every aspect points to one conclusion- the genetic evolution of the Chinese and Asians that has impacted the Asian man with beards today.

To cut the long history short, most Asians have been found to have low levels of 5 alpha-reductase enzymes. This enzyme is responsible for converting the hormone testosterone into a more androgenic form.

When testosterone is in this androgenic form, it is better positioned to perform its body roles, including beard growth. The five alpha-reductase mainly stimulate the growth of facial and body hair.

The other reason why Asian facial hair differs from that of men from different origins is that their bodies have more copies of human androgen receptors.

Although these receptors are in all areas of their bodies, they are mainly found around the face. These androgen receptors reduce the effect of the beard-growing hormone on beard follicle cells.

As a result, the men will either have no beard or lack a full beard. This pretty much tells a thing about Asian facial hair.

how to grow beards if you are asians


Whether you are pressured by the Asian beard style trends or mustache style trends, patience and simplicity should dictate your moves. Additionally, you might have tried and ended up asking yourself the same question, Can Asians grow beards?

It’s not the time to panic, but rather be careful not to complicate anything as you learn to appreciate and work on your beards.

It may seem like an Asian thing to have less facial hair, but a beard vibe that resonates with your inner Confucius is what classy men rock with. Visit this page for more details.

Proof of Asian beard growth

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post then please feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section. I’ll be to respond to your questions.

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