Filipino Beard: Proven Ways to Grow It + 5 Amazing Styles

filipino beard

Beard is a big sign of men’s personality and style. It was used earlier as warmth, and then, down the line, the beard has added honor and status to men’s lives. It is also believed that guys with beards and mustaches are more creative and carry leadership capabilities.

So growing a healthy and stylish beard is always a plus. But Filipino beard is rarely found out there so it begs the question- Can Filipino grow beard?

Hence, here is the nitty-gritty of Filipino beard growth.

Filipinos with beards are rarely found because of their ancestry. The native Filipinos are typically less hairy due to their family lineage. But some Filipinos get full beard from Caucasian and Melanesian ancestry.

The Philippines is not the only place, a few more Asian countries including China, Japan, and Vietnam have the same issue.

If you are from any of these areas then your chance of growing facial hair is thin. Here is a complete guide on Asian beard growth.

But that’s not the end of the journey, fortunately, there are ways to grow facial hair even if your paternity doesn’t support it, at least you can improve your current situation as a Filipino.

So while thinking that being Filipino limits you from sporting a stylish beard you can try some home remedies and legit products to improve your Filipino facial hair.

These remedies and items are proven to work and have been in use for decades.

Top 5 Home Remedies to Grow Facial Hair for Pinoy Men

As Filipinos are usually less hairy so they must try some home treatments on a regular basis to improve their condition.

Progression may not be visual overnight but you should be noticing changes in the long run.

1. Intake of adequate vitamins and nutrition

What you consume on a daily basis has a huge effect on your facial hair. Inappropriate foods damage hair follicles and stop growing hair.

Hence, you need to have a balanced diet that includes vitamin D, biotin, and B12.

These vitamins help to reactivate damaged hair follicles and make beard hair healthy.

Eating meats, fish, green veggies, nuts, and dairy on a daily basis helps a lot.

2. Quit smoking

Harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke cause blood vessel damage and also smoking is linked to hair loss.

It is also responsible for the inflammation of hair follicles.

So if you want to be a stylish Filipino with a beard you have to commit to quitting tobacco items.

3. Adequate & deep sleep

Lack of deep sleep causes anxiety and depression which eventually results in producing less testosterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for hair growth.

So instead of searching how to grow a beard Filipino on Google makes sure that you sleep enough.

4. Wash your face & use moisturizer

Washing your face at least 3 times a day is a prerequisite for growing facial hair as dust, debris, and bacteria cause the hair follicle to die.

Hair follicles require a hygienic ground to function properly. Besides, it’s also important to use a good quality moisturizer.

5. Exfoliating

Exfoliating could be done at home or you can get it from any nearby skin care center.

It helps to remove debris, dead cells, and dust from the surface of the skin and gives your skin a healthy ground to grow hair. Here is a video guide.

3 Proven Items That Help to Grow Beards

High-quality grooming products make your beard growth journey easier.

So while struggling to grow fuller beards as Filipinos, you should be focusing on some quality items.

But be careful, it’s not like going to a store and buying some random beard care products.

I recommend choosing all-natural organic products that are free from harmful chemicals and additives.

You can try the below items that are proven to work. (My favorites)

1. Beard Oil

While talking about beard oil, I can assure you that it helps. Beard oil works as a moisturizer that prevents your face from drying and keeps it moist.

Besides, it has antibacterial properties which are important for your skin health. But don’t get any random and poor-quality beard oils that do more harm than good.

It’s very important to get one with 100% organic ingredients that are fragrance-free.

My recommended one is below.

2. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved hair regrowth formula that helps to make scalp hair stronger and healthier.

A study proves that rogaine or minoxidil helps to fight hair loss and accelerate the regrowth process.

In addition to that, a lot of its users claim that minoxidil also improves facial hair.

So I believe it deserves a try. Recommended one is below.

3. Derma Roller

Derma roller is also known as beard roller. Derma rolling is actually similar to micro-needling which improves skin health by increasing blood flow to the area.

So you will get a better skin type and also facial hair improvement by derma rolling. While struggling to grow a Filipino beard derma roller is a must.

Below one is recommended.

Top 5 Filipino Beard Styles That Look Excellent

As Filipinos are less hairy so they can’t choose any random beard styles. Hence, Filipinos need to think twice about different facial hair styles and link them with their own circumstances.

What’s necessary is that Filipinos need to pick a certain beard style that suits them well.

So I have sorted out some amazing Filipino beard styles for you.

1. Stubble

Stubble is an easy-to-maintain short beard style that suits any face shape. Even with fewer facial hairs, you can rock with stubble beard style.

It requires less maintenance and grooming attention. Stubble is popular among all ages of people. It is also known as the “5 o’clock shadow beard”.

filipinos with beards

2. Goatee

A Filipino beard could be rare but a Filipino goatee is not. Filipinos grow less facial hair on their jawline which gives them a natural goatee look.

A goatee is simply hair on the chin. It could be suitable for any face type.

There are different Filipino goatee styles out there. Some are short, long, with mustaches, and without mustaches. It all depends on your personal preferences.

filipino goatee

3. Chinstrap

When talking about Filipino facial hair, the chinstrap is worth mentioning. It’s another great option for less hairy people.

This particular beard style doesn’t require thick and dense hair on the cheeks. I have seen a lot of Filipinos with chinstraps and it looks great.

Chinstrap does not require mustaches or soul patches but it all depends on personal choice. Many Pinoy men sport chinstraps nowadays with mustaches.

4. Corporate beard style

A professional Filipino could go with a corporate beard style without any further thinking. Though it requires hair on the cheeks but not mandatory.

A corporate beard is the second stage of stubble. This corporate beard is typically 1/2″ to 1″ in length.

filipino beard styles

There are so many beard styles out there that you can try but if you are at the beginning of your beard journey then you should start with these styles in the first place.

The reason is that these Filipino beard styles require less facial hair.

And then, down the line, as you grow more facial hair and acquire more confidence you can go with any style you prefer.

Here are some of the popular beard styles that you can try.

5. Soul-patch alone

While talking about Pinoy beard styles, there are a lot of Pinoy men who decide to clean shave their faces except a well-trimmed soul-patch and rock with that. Even they consider it a beard style. Yes, they do.


While struggling with a Filipino beard I suggest you follow my suggestions, also you need to keep patience. Growing a stylish beard isn’t an easy task, you need to go through a daily routine and sacrifice your bad habits.

Every Filipino with beards nowadays had to bear some sort of struggle and pain somewhere in the line.

So can Filipino men grow beards? The answer is “yes” if he tries and doesn’t give up so early.

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