11 Arabic Beard Styles for Men in 2023 [Top Rated]

arabic beard styles

Arabic people have different cultures and sense of different styles idea. If you ever notice any Arabic men, chances are you are going to see a specific type of dress code, a different way of talking, and even slightly different biological appearance.

So, facial hair is no different. Arab men have different beard patterns and they love to style them in Arabic ways.

In this article, I’ve compiled the top 11 Arabic beard styles that are popular nowadays and look awesome. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Arabian Stubble Beard

arabian stubble beard

Stubble is the most common type of Facial hair that is easy to grow and requires less maintenance. It suits any face type and even less hairy men can try it without any drawbacks.

Furthermore, men of any age range can rock with stubble beards without compromising masculine looks. So whenever thinking of the best Arabic beard styles, Arabic stubble beard should be on top of the list.

2. Arabian Goatee Beard

arabic goatee

While talking about the popular Arabic beard styles, the goatee beard is worth mentioning in the list. There are a lot of Arab people who love to sport goatees, in fact, elite-class people are commonly spotted with a goatee beards. In a nutshell, the goatee among Arabian men has been a sign of richness and power.

3. Medium Length Beard

medium arab beards

If you look at some Arabian-style savvy men, you are going to see many of them have medium-length beards with well-trimmed mustaches and a clean soul-patch. It’s the third most common type of beard Arabian men love to sport.

But medium beard styles are commonly seen among mid-aged men and hardly seen among young hipsters. They rather prefer to resonate with eye-catchy modern and new Arabian beard styles. It is also considered one of the most common traditional Arab style beards.

4. Classic Beard with Soul-patch

classic beard with soulpatch

While thinking of stylish beard designs but not yet willing to go with badass or fancy beard cuts, this is where classic beard with soul patch and sideburns come in. You can look gorgeous and stylish with this type of beard without compromising on your cultural beliefs.

This classic type of facial hair is popular among young Arabian men and especially among elite men like sheikhs and prince. So if you are passionate about sheikh beard styles then you are good to try this.

5. Arabian Full Beards

arab full beard

Arabian people are mostly Muslims & their religion suggests longer beards. So a big chunk of Arab people prefers to grow fuller and thicker beards rather than trying any stylish beard cuts.

In fact, most mid-aged to aged men have this type of facial hair. It’s their belief that growing longer beards is a good deed.

6. Arabic Heavy Stubble and Mustache

arabic beards

Many Arab men prefer heavy stubble beards along with mustaches over light stubble. It’s because they believe it gives them a more masculine and manly look. Besides, Many women find men with mustaches hot and sexually attractive. Here is detailed guides on- do women like mustaches?

Stubble is in fact 2-3mm in length while heavy stubble is 5mm and over. For some people who prefer a gentle Arab beard style with a touch of a bit swashbuckling and apache image, it’s the best Arabic beard style.

7. Arabic Beard Fade

arabic beard fade

Faded beard is a modern and new Arabic beard style that gives a handsome and awesome look. It’s a new trend and still rising up in popularity among young Arabic guys.

The style requires regular maintenance and pro-barbering skills. It could be an ideal Arabic beard style for people who have enough hairs on jawlines. Here is how to guide.

8. Fancy Fade Beards

fancy fade beard

As the Arabic beard fade is trending nowadays, some people customize the style a bit to be more unique than others. Fancy fade beard is the result of a customized fade beard. It doesn’t look bad and many people love it.

This style is not for average people as it gives a rare look and your surroundings may not accept it. So if you have the courage to deal with those bad critics then welcome to this unique Arabian beard style.

9. Arabic Corporate Beard

arabic corpotrate beard

A big portion of Arabian men works in corporations and the corporate world has a bunch of different rules and regulations. You can’t grow any random type of facial hair while working in a corporation.

So a lot of Arabian men are found with corporate beards. The style gives a decent and clean look and it’s allowed in the business world.

10. Beard with Puffy Soul-patch

beard with puffy soul patch

\While some Arabian men love to sport regular soul-patch others prefer it a little puffy. It doesn’t look that bad, many people love it.

The only drawback is it requires regular maintenance. It may look ugly without daily care. So before trying out this combo style keep it in your mind.

11. Arabic Long Goatee

arabic long goatee beard style

Last but not least, a long goatee beard is also seen on Arabian men’s faces. The number isn’t bad, a lot of men prefer to sport a long goatees. What I’ve seen are some men over 40 years of old love to grow long goatee beards. In addition to that, mid-aged field-work professionals love it the most.

What is an Arabic beard?

In some Arabic regions, men sport their facial hair as their religion has guided them. The Arabic people typically love to sport long beards on the chin, sideburns, and jaw-line with trimmed mustaches. So this type of beard is called an Arabic beard.

But it may vary depending upon different countries and situations. For example- Iranians believe that a well-trimmed short beard is okay and many Arabians nowadays sport short stylish beards because they practice their religions properly. So it depends on many individual factors.


There are a lot more variations in Arabic beard styles but these are the most popular and common ones. Most Arabian men are spotted with any of the above-mentioned beard styles. If you know of any other popular Arabian beard styles then let me know in the comment section below. I will love to hear from you. You can also learn more in-depth from here.

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