Beard Ponytails – Everything You Need to Know About It

beard ponytails

Beard ponytail is one of the creative facial hairstyle ideas that are gradually climbing up in popularity. You may have seen a bunch of different beard styles out there but beard ponytails are always bold and unique among all. Besides, this unique facial hairstyle gives you a dominating and swashbuckling image.

So let’s dive deep and discuss the nitty-gritty of ponytail beard style.

Why is it called ponytail beard?

Ponytail is in fact, a popular hairstyle that is commonly seen on little girl’s crowns, sometimes grown ladies also try it.

As the style gained mass popularity, it was able to grab men’s attention as well. The name “beard ponytail” has been inspired by ponytail hairstyles.

How to make a beard ponytail?

Before trying to make a beard ponytail you should first focus on growing longer and bushier beards because a patchy and short beard is not ponytail friendly.

The longer your beards it’s easier to make a ponytail. I recommend having at least 4 to 5 inches of beards in length.

But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to ponytail your beard with short facial hair. You obviously can, but for a better and more dashing look, a long beard ponytail is recommended.

Here is a step by step guide-


Wash your beads properly with a good quality beard wash and use a good conditioner. Now it’s time to dry your beards.


Now the possibility is your beards are messy and untamed. So it’s good to consider applying beard oil or moisturizer to keep your facial hairs in place.

While doing so, consider 100% vegan items that are free from harmful chemicals and added fragrances.


You need to comb your beards now and make them straight. Avoid using any plastic or metal combs because they may tear your facial hair. A good-quality wooden comb could be a great alternative.


Welcome to step-4 and you’re now fully ready for making ponytails. Hold your beard hairs with any of your hands and put one or two rubber bands on your beards. Here is a video tutorial.

Some people consider putting a single rubber band while others consider putting multiples. It all depends on your personal choices.

Another important thing is to use an appropriate ponytail holder. Many people use metal holders like beard rings or ties that are somewhat harmful to your overall beard health.

I always recommend using rubber bands instead of metal holders.

So worried about beard ponytail holder? Here is my favorite rubber band that you can confidently use.

Are beard ponytails professional?

Before I answer this question, I must mention that every profession has its own set of rules and regulations.

For example- if you are working as a firefighter, you will be okay with mustaches but in the military, it’s highly restricted.

But in the 21st century, a beard is no longer considered unprofessional in the corporate world. A neatly trimmed facial hair is always allowed whether it’s for religious or style purposes.

Another interesting fact is men with beards are considered more dominant, creative, and have better leadership capabilities as compared to clean-shaven baby faces men.

If you look at the renowned companies and their CEOs, you will find most of them have beards and/or mustaches.

For example: Look at-

  • Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google
  • Mark Parker, CEO of Nike
  • Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple
  • Reed Hastings, co-founder & CEO of NetFlix & and many more. Read more from here.

So if your ponytail beard is not that messy and well-groomed then it should be considered professional and no issues should be coming your way.

Are beard ponytails acceptable for an interview?

If beards are acceptable then what’s wrong with ponytails? But still, it largely depends on the type of organization you are going to sit for an interview.

What I believe is- as long as your beard is professional and not weird or funny, it should be okay. Here is a list of some weird beard styles, try to avoid them before sitting for an interview.

In addition to that, it’s always better to analyze the culture of that organization prior to the interview.

Therefore, every organization has some unwritten rules and traditions so it’s sometimes hard to find the actual insights.

Hence, it’s better to play safely while going for a serious event like an interview.

Is ponytail bad for beard health?

Beard health will not be in danger if the ponytail is done correctly with proper accessories. Sometimes, people underestimate washing or oiling their facial hairs before making ponytails which causes the beard hairs to be torn and bent.

So if a ponytail is done correctly then it should not be harmful to beard health.

3 things to keep in mind while making beard ponytails

1. Don’t use metal items to tie your beard ponytails

Many people use beard rings or other metal bodies to tie their beard ponytails which is a bad practice. It may tear hair strands and also may hurt your beards while taking them off.

Using rubber bands is always safe and easy for your beards.

2. Don’t tie beard ponytails too tightly

People often tie their ponytails too tightly which is also harmful to beard health. No air penetration occurs if it’s too tightly tied, so tie it with moderate tension, neither too tight nor too loose.

3. Don’t keep it tied for longer time

People sometimes make a ponytail and keep it for several days, if you do so, your beard hairs may get permanently bent and in some cases discolored.

So if ponytails are tied in the morning it needs to be opened by the night.

Is beard with ponytail attractive?

beard with ponytail

The chances are- you have noticed many stylish men with a beard and ponytail hairstyle. A light stubble beard with a ponytail hairstyle is undoubtedly a catchy style trend that a lot of style-savvy men prefer to go with.

I’ve seen many celebrities and famous personalities with beards and ponytails. So is this attractive? Yes, of course. There is no doubt about that.


Ponytail beard is getting popular nowadays, so if you have a plan to try it then make sure to follow my guidelines. I believe your ponytail beard journey will be easier and it will obviously make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Still, have questions or want to give suggestions? Leave a comment below and I’ll be just more than happy to reply to you. Thank you.

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