5 Imperial Beard Styles for Elegant Look [Complete Guide]

imperial beard styles

The imperial beard style has a long and fascinating history over the ancient Roman Empire. The style is a sign of elegance and power, worn by the upper and ruling class, especially politicians. It is a type of facial hair that makes it look like a lion’s mane and represents masculinity and strength.

The style is also known as hulihee imperial beard because of its resemblance to hulihee beard.

The default version of the imperial beard is a neat and clean mustache connected to sideburns with no facial hairs on the jaw. But with time, a lot of variations have been introduced to these facial hair designs.

Data says the style was less common before the 19th century but after the Victorian era, it has come back again in the trend.

During these days, the imperial beard is still common and popular among all ages of men but with some custom variations.

In this article, I’m going to uncover the top 5 imperial beard styles.

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1. Mutton Chop Beard

friendly mutton chop beard

It is a closer variant of the imperial beard style. The wearers let grow hairs on sideburns and shave off chin and mustache hairs along with soul patch. Shaving off mustaches along with chin and soul patch made this beard designs unique and stand out.

If you take a close look the style also resembles with hulihee beard, the only exception is there are no mustache hairs.

2. Handlebar with Stubble

handlebar mustaches with stubble

As the handlebar style is popular, some people try it with a stubble-length beard and the feedback is not that bad. It gives even more dashing and badass look. Elite-class people who want a dominant and leading attitude usually love this variant.

If you take a close look you will see that many of the politicians, army generals, and office boss sport handlebar mustache with a stubble beard. If you think there is no reason behind it then that’s not wise thought.

Here is a complete list of some hot stubble beard styles.

3. Handlebar with Bushy Beard

imperial beard handlebar variant

Another common imperial beard variant is handlebar mustaches with bushy beards. Though the beards stay long and bushy enough yet it’s well-trimmed and perfectly groomed.

The style gives an elegant look with swashbuckling images that represent power and strength. The ruling groups of people who love long beards usually sport this imperial beard style.

Last but not least, this style is relatively more popular among mid-aged and aged people. The young are always fascinating either for handlebar only or handlebar with a stubble beard.

An imperial beard style list should always be accomplished with this style variant. It is a massively popular style.

4. Handlebar

handlebar facial hair style

As time passed, style and fashion sense has been upgraded way far. From the late 19th century, the handlebar mustache was hugely popular and worn by many elite-class people, especially ruling people. The style gives an aristocratic look and a more masculine image to its wearers.

So whenever talking about imperial beard styles, handlebar facial hair design must be there. But regular maintenance and grooming are compulsory to keep it styled.

5. Hulihee Beard

hulihee imperial beard

It is another close variation of the imperial beard. The common difference is imperial beard is clean and well-trimmed whereas hulihee beards are long, wavy, messy, and untamed fat chops.

Growing and maintaining hulihee beard is easy as compared to an imperial beard. The style is common among elite and ruling-class people.

It is believed that hulihee style has been inspired by Franz Josef Styles and the name has been introduced from the original name of the Hawaiian palace.


The imperial beard style list just goes on but I have just compiled the most common ones here that are commonly seen on upper-class people. I have gathered this data scouring the web deeply and the top 5 list here is my personal opinion. If you have any suggestions or questions then let me know by leaving a comment below.

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