9 Most Popular Punjabi Beard Styles in 2023

punjabi beard styles

Panjabi men are blessed with beard-friendly genes and they are able to grow fuller, thicker, and healthier beards naturally. It facilitates them to sport a stylish beard in whatever way they want it. But not every beard styles look good enough. So here are the top 9 most popular Punjabi beard styles that look awesome and are trending nowadays. Let’s jump on my top peaks.

1. Classic Punjabi Beard

punjab beard style

While talking about Punjabi beard styles the first and foremost beard design that comes to mind is the classic beard. This is one of the common beard styles that Punjab men of almost any age love to sport. The style fits almost all face types and is easy to grow and maintain.

It looks even more mesmerizing with a mustache and a soul patch. I love this Punjabi medium beard style for its arrogant appearance.

2. Punjabi Business Beard

business beard

The second common type of Punjab beard style is considered a business beard. The majority of service professionals and businessmen are spotted with this beard. It looks gorgeous and represents the bold characteristics of a man.

So while exploring Punjab facial hair designs, consider a business beard as a spot holder.

3. Punjabi Stubble Beard

punjabi stubble beard

Stubble beards are hugely popular among style-savvy men. The scenario is closely similar in the Punjab region as well. A lot of Punjabi beard lovers love to sport stubble beards.

Stubble is in fact a short beard style (3 to 5 mm in length), also called a three-day beard. You may also love to check out these hot stubble beard styles here.

4. Punjabi Long Beard with Turban

punjab facial hair designs

From a religious point of view, many Punjabi men grow long beards. So while looking for Punjabi long beard styles you can rely on this style. It’s a full-length beard with a well-groomed mustache.

It requires less daily care and grooming efforts but regular combing and using organic beard oil will be a big plus.

5. Long Beard with Handlebar

punjabi beard and mustache styles

Bearded hipsters love handlebar mustaches but are not willing to compromise on their beard length. That’s where the Punjabi long beard and mustache styles take place. This combo beard design looks a bit badass type and gives a dominant attitude.

6. Bushy Beard & Heavy Mustache

punjabi mustaches

It’s also a beard and mustache combo style that looks outstanding. If you really want a dominant and leadership attitude then having this combo facial haircut will benefit you in various aspects.

It’s not difficult to sport this type of beard but you will need fuller, thicker, and healthier beards.

7. Medium Beard & Ponytail

beard with ponytail

A medium beard along with a ponytail hairstyle is a bit savage style idea. Only a few style-savvy and crazy fashion hipsters dare to try this savage combination. It gives an extraordinary look and will surely differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

So if you have the courage to take on this rare yet stylish facial hair design then give this Punjab beard style a try.

8. Medium Beard & Long Hairstyle

punjabi beard with long hairstyle

It’s another outstanding combination of a medium beard along with a long hairstyle. The style looks fantastic and gives a warrior sensation. Growing and maintenance of this Punjabi beard style are not that easy.

It requires daily care and a lot of grooming items. But if you can manage to grow and maintain it then the outcomes you are going to get are mind-blowing.

9. Punjabi Traditional Long Beard

punjab long beard styles

Last but not least, if you ever visit any regions of Punjab you are supposed to see a lot of men with the traditional type of beards on their faces and a turban on their heads, especially aged men.

It could be because of their religious beliefs or the cultures they live in. So if you are looking for Punjab beard styles with a turban then it could be a great example.

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These are the most common type of Panjabi beard styles that look awesome and are trending nowadays. But there is also some other type of facial hair styles in that region yet these are my favorite and also better ones.

So, if you are Punjab men who feel indecisive about picking the perfect facial hair designs for you then you can confidently pick anyone from the list above.

Don’t go crazy with a lot of variations in the beginning, take your time and try a few variations of Punjabi beard styles for the first time. Learn more.

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