9 Hot Stubble Beard Styles in 2023 [Complete Guide]

stubble beard styles

Beard is a big sign of masculinity that makes a man more attractive to the opposite gender. Data says bearded hipsters are sexier than the average guys with clean-shaven baby faces. So, it’s a clear sign that growing facial hairs is definitely worth it.

But when it comes to stubble beards, a lot of style-savvy men get confused about choosing the ideal stubble beard style that suits their face types perfectly. It’s because no specific beard cut will suit all face types.

Here are the 9 most attractive stubble beard styles that are trending nowadays and will definitely suit almost any face type. So, without any further ado, let’s jump on it.

1. 5 o’clock Shadow Stubble

short stubble beard styles

The 5 o’clock shadow beard is 0.5 mm in length and looks like the early morning shadow at 5 o’clock, that’s why it is named the 5 o’clock shadow beard.

The style suits almost any face type whether it’s oval or round shapes. It is also known as the light beard style.

It is typically grown on cheeks within 1-3 days of shaving, in some cases, more or even less.

The 5 o’clock shadow beard could be the best for men who are interested in short stubble beard styles.

Here are some medium-length beard styles that are hot and trending too nowadays. You may find it helpful.

2. Heavy Stubble Beard

heavy stubble beard styles

A heavy stubble beard is typically 4-5 mm in length and a bit bushier than any other traditional stubble beard style.

The oval face shapes are a good fit for this specific style.

The heavy stubble beard styles become even more standout with a well-trimmed mustache and a soul patch.

It is also considered a long stubble beard style since the beard hairs are comparatively longer here.

3. French Cut with Stubble Beard

light beard styles

It’s a combination of a French beard along with stubble. In French beard, additional facial hairs are shaven off but in this style, those additional facial hairs are trimmed off in stubble length.

Basically, hairs on the chins and cheeks are cut to the desired length. It can also be called stubble and French beard combo.

The style could be ideal for men who are interested in short stubble beard styles. But keep in mind, it requires a lot of regular maintenance and pro-barber skills.

4. Patchy Stubble Beard

patchy beard design

If a patchy beard is trimmed in stubble length then it is considered a patchy stubble beard. Men with patchy beards get the most out of it.

None of the beard-savvy men will ever have to feel down just for the sack of patchy facial hairs.

All you need to do is trim off your patchy beards in stubble length and rock with it.

5. Stubble without Mustaches

stubble without mustaches

While most men and women love stubble beards with mustaches there are still a few who find stubble without mustaches fascinating.

The style doesn’t look bad, it’s all about personal choices and preferences.

6. Stubble with Heavy Mustaches

short beard with heavy mustaches

In this stubble beard design, men typically grow longer and thicker mustaches and keep beard hairs comparatively shorter.

The style is hugely popular among mid-aged men and it sure looks pretty gorgeous.

It could be ideal for men who are interested in medium stubble beard styles.

What I’ve noticed is, this style is not for the average people out there.

In fact, men from royal societies or the ones with higher corporate designations are often spotted with a combination of medium stubble beards and heavy mustaches.

7. Stubble Beard with Buzz Cut

light beard with buzz cut

Another eye-catchy stubble beard style that I like the most is stubble beard along with buzz-cut hairstyles.

If you closely notice, you will find a lot of famous celebrities and athletes with a combination of a buzz cut and a stubble beard.

8. Stubble with Bald Head

Stubble beard styles bald head

As I mentioned above, a stubble beard suits almost any face type, even if it looks pretty decent with a bald head.

A lot of stubble-loving women say- they find it even sexier when guys appear with stubble beards along with bald heads. The style is also called short stubble grey beard style.

9. Stubble with Long Hairstyle

Medium stubble beard styles

If you want to rock with a dominating and aggressive look then a stubble beard along with a long hairstyle will help you a lot.

The chances are, you have noticed in the war movies that most of the warriors have stubble beards along with long hairstyles. Why?

The reason is pretty straightforward, it adds an extra layer of attitude and swashbuckling image to one’s personality.

In the old days, the style was limited only to royal-class people like princes, army commanders, and chiefs of soldiers.

The style is getting popular nowadays among young people.

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How do I style my stubble beard?

Men pick different beard styles according to their personal preferences, face shapes, and the type of facial hair they have. But what if you decide on choosing a stubble beard?

How long it should be in length and most importantly, how to style it properly. A bunch of questions comes in the line.

First thing first, pick a cool stubble beard style that will perfectly suit your face. Secondly, trim your beard in stubble length (3 to 5 mm) approx.

While doing so, don’t use any traditional trimmer, use a precision trimmer instead. It will help you a lot to acquire the desired shape.

Also, consider clean shaving at the edge to gain a sharp finish.

Why stubble beard is best?

There is no doubt that a stubble beard is more popular than any other traditional beard style.

The reason is simple. It’s easy to grow, easy to style, and maintains. Besides, a study proves that a large number of women prefer bearded men more than clean-shaven faces.

That’s enough to prove that a stubble beard is the best.

Does a stubble beard make you look older?

Yes, a study proves that a bearded face looks older than a clean-shaven face. Beards make you look roughly 8 to 10 years older than you are.

So no matter whether you have a stubble beard or any other beard it will make you look older.

What does a stubble beard look like?

A stubble beard looks like a short beard that is 1-5 mm (max) in length. If a short beard comes out of that length then it’s no longer considered stubble.

So any small-length beard could be counted as a short beard but not all short-length beards could be counted as stubble beards.


Stubble beard styles are always sexy and attractive. It is also easy to grow and easy to style and maintain. Additionally, beard lovers could grow and style it by DIY method easily without any pro-skills. So while thinking of growing a stubble beard, confidently pick any stubble beard styles from the above-mentioned list. It will surely take your look to the next level. Learn more from GQ.

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