Is Coconut Oil Good for Beard Growth?

is coconut oil good for beard growth

Coconut oil is well known for its variety of uses. It has a high nutritional value and has been in the use of beard care for decades. Using coconut oil to grow your beard is one sure way that will guarantee you a healthy mane. So today, this article will briefly answer- is coconut oil good for beard growth?

Applying coconut oil on your beard is undoubtedly a good option but it doesn’t typically help to increase growth rate, instead, it makes changes from the inside. It helps to moist your skin, remove dead cells, soften the beard, make the beard glow, and most importantly increase beard growth hormones.

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6 Amazing Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Beards

1. Coconut oil softens your beard

Coconut oil contains a good amount of lauric acid that is responsible for making your beard softer. It has the ability to easily penetrate your skin pores and is also not greasy.

It is because of the conditioning effects of coconut oil that enables your beard hairs to grow very healthy and exceptionally soft. So it’s also suggested to apply coconut oil for a patchy beard.

2. It makes your beard to glow

Coconut oil is good for the beard because it makes the hair on your face shine and grow healthy. Any beard oil company must have discovered this secret. Most gentleman’s beard oil contains a certain percentage of coconut oil.

 It is the latest fashion trend to have a beard that is shiny and healthy. It improves your overall appearance and makes you look more attractive.

Sometimes, tomato oil also plays an important role in look your facial hair more appealing. So both the tomato and coconut oil for beards are recommended.

3. Coconut oil keeps your skin moist

Applying coconut oil across your face allows the skin to become moist and hydrated. Massaging your beard with coconut oil allows it to penetrate to the roots of your beard hence keeping it moist and hydrated all through.

4. It cleanses your face

Coconut oil is useful because of the anti-bacterial components that are in it. This allows the oil to thoroughly clean any harmful bacteria found in your beard and facial hair pores.

Coconut oil also has traces of anti-fungal components that have a purifying effect on your facial hairs. Onion oil does the same in many cases, so I recommend both onion and coconut oil for your beard.

5. Enhances the growth of your beard

Scientific research has shown that coconut oil enhances hair growth. It has components that prevent hair loss or damage. It is highly recommended that you apply this oil to your beard frequently in order to experience maximum beard growth.

But in many cases, people end up using low-quality junky oils and claim that coconut oil doesn’t work. I highly recommend parachute coconut oil for beard growth.

6. Coconut oil can also be used before shaving

Coconut oil has many uses. It can be used on your beard before you shave it off. Before you apply any soap, you can first make use of coconut oil to make your beard softer.

It can also be used in the place of shaving cream during instances you might not have any shaving cream.

It might not essentially produce lather-like shaving cream but it will serve the purpose. Coconut oil is also a great after-shave.

It has an excellent scent and great healing properties. I think your question- is coconut oil good for your beard ends here. So let’s go a step further on how to use it.

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How to Use Coconut Oil for Beard?

It is great to have an insight into the kind of advantages you get for using coconut oil for your beard. I would like to give you simple steps on how you can be able to apply this amazing oil to your beard to yield maximum benefits.

  • Step-1: Clean your beard

It is very important to make sure that your beard is clean before you can apply coconut oil on it. Thoroughly clean and blow-dry your beard before you proceed to apply coconut oil.

  • Step-2: Confirm the condition of your coconut oil

Depending on the storage, your coconut oil might have solidified if it has been exposed to cold temperatures. Check on the condition of your coconut oil before applying it to your beard. Scoop a bit of the solidified oil and place it on the palm of your hand.

Ensure the oil is in a liquid state. Before you apply the oil to your beard, make sure that you warm the oil in between the palms of your hands before you apply it. This will make the oil melt and be very easy to apply to your beard.

  • Step-3: Gently apply the oil on your beard

After the coconut oil has properly melted in your hands, gently apply it to your beard. Start from the tips of your facial hairs as you move towards the roots of the beards. Make sure that you apply a reasonable amount of coconut oil. Be careful not to apply too much of it or too little. Too much coconut oil might begin to run towards your neck. Apply generously but not too much.

  • Step-4: Massage the coconut oil gently

Once you finish the application of the oil on your beard, gently massage your facial hairs. This is to make sure that the coconut oil penetrates the roots of your beard. You can also go-ahead to use the oil on your face. The oil has no negative effects on your face and is very safe to use on your skin as well.

Here is the video guide.

coconut oil for patchy beard

How to Use Coconut Oil Before and After Shaving Your Beard?

You can also use coconut oil to make sure that your facial hair is soft before you apply the shaving cream. The steps remain the same, gently make sure you put the coconut oil on the beard and massage it gently in a circular motion. Massage the oil on your facial hair but do not let it get completely absorbed.

After you are done shaving your beard, make sure that you dry your face completely with a clean face towel before any application of the coconut oil.

If you proceed and apply it on a wet face you will dilute the oil and make it less effective as an after-shave.

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coconut oil for the beard is very important because of its proven benefits. It has the ability to soften the facial hairs hence can also be used before shaving the beard.

Coconut oil also gives your beard a shiny look and keeps it moisturized. Scientific research has proven that coconut oil has antibacterial components that keep your beard clean.

Apply coconut oil to have your beard grow healthy and strong. If you want to read more about coconut oil then visit this page here.

So now I believe that your question- is coconut oil good for beard growth has been resolved.

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