Can All Men Grow Beards? [Untold Facts]

can all men grow beards

Beards become more and more trendy these days because they add manliness and attraction to a male’s personality. There are variations in beard growth as some men can grow a lusher and thicker beard while others mourn over the sparse beard. Now the burning question is- Can all men grow beards?

No, everybody can’t grow facial hair, some unlucky men out there won’t be able to grow a beard, no matter how hard they try for it. Only 33% of men in America and 55% of all over the world can grow bushier beards. Growing a beard is a genetic factor.

So, I am here to sympathize with those unlucky guys who are unsatisfied with their life and keep thinking will I ever be able to grow a beard?

I’ll tell you exactly what are the reasons behind why some men can’t grow beards and what physical signs will help in predicting can every man grow a beard or not?

Through my research on this topic, I’ll finally put an end to the repeated question- Do all men grow beards? So without wasting any further time, let’s get to it.

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3 Signs You Can’t Grow Beards

At a certain age, the body starts showing signs that whether you will be able to grow a beard or not.

1. Non-bearded ancestor

Will I be able to grow a beard? Nope, not in this case. So go ahead and blame your ancestors for it. If they did not grow a beard, you certainly won’t either.

Another interesting fact tells us that Chinese, Mexicans, and the like races have a lack of facial hair in males.

So if your parent’s bloodline roots back to their race, your chances of growing a beard are quite slim. 

2. Less hair all over your body

If you’ve seen people with hairy bodies, like dense hair on the chest, legs, shoulders, arms, etc, you’ve surely seen them in beard also. This is because they have high levels of testosterone.

So, if you don’t have much hair on the body, forget about having a beard.

3. Impatience

Patience brings fruitful results. But if you can’t be patient enough to give time to your face skin, don’t ever think of having a beard.

The first sign of beard growth starts by itching as hair follicle struggles to sprout through your skin which causes itchiness.

So, if you scratch your skin often or take measures to stop itching, you’ll end up having no beard. 

Hence, these signs are enough to predict one can grow a beard or not. But this might not be the case for you depending upon your genetics. So watch carefully for the situation.

5 Causes of Slow Beard Growth

You probably have spent weeks trying to grow a bushy beard but all you ever got is a patchy beard and what’s surprising to you is the slow beard growth.

Well, now is the time you should really look deeper into the causes of slow facial hair growth like alopecia, lack of physical activities, etc. and if you eliminate those reasons, no wonder you’ll get a lusher beard in no time.

So let me give you 5 reasons, why some men can’t grow beards or have slow beard growth.

1. Insensitivity to testosterone

I know you’ve heard that levels of testosterone are responsible for facial hair growth. But what if I tell you it’s a false belief.

In fact, androgen, the male hormone, is responsible for beard growth which stimulates male gender characteristics. Having a bushy beard greatly depends on how well your body reacts to testosterone levels.

So it’s possible to have the same testosterone levels among two men but only one has a bushy beard due to its responsiveness to testosterone.

And by the way, it also concludes beard growth has nothing to do with masculinity.

2. Alopecia

If you don’t grow a beard, it might be because you have alopecia, an illness that leads to baldness in men and also the inability to facial hair growth.

But luckily, it isn’t permanent, and your facial hair can grow again. I highly recommend you to see a dermatologist and diagnose this issue at the earliest.

3. Lack of physical activity

If you don’t do enough physical activity and mostly spend your day sitting at home or the workplace, your testosterone will be inactive to facial hair growth.

So, the best way to boost testosterone levels is by sports or exercise. It has been proven that athletes have higher testosterone levels due to excessive exercise and sporting and that’s one of the reasons they have beards.

So what’s the best exercise for beard growth? Well, it’s muscle building. Work on your quadriceps, hamstrings, chests, and back muscle to boost testosterone levels to the roof.

Also, jumping ropes and an elliptical machine are great testosterone boosters. On average, 15 minutes of exercise is enough to raise your testosterone levels but of course, it entirely depends on your genetics.

4. Exercises harmful to testosterone

Yeah, it’s a common thought that all exercises are great but some show adverse effects, especially to testosterone.

Exercise like cycling and running results in the production of a stress hormone called cortisol which affects adversely the level of testosterone.

But doing it for 15 minutes daily won’t be harmful to your hormones.

5. Red blood cells deficiency

Like all other body parts, facial hair also demands oxygen for its growth, and the best way of its supply is through red blood cells.

The supply of oxygen keeps skin cells healthy and boosts the production of the hair follicle. On the other hand, their deficiency will result in no or slower beard growth.

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Some Proven Remedies to Sprout Your Stubborn Beard Hair

To some extent, you don’t have to worry about why can’t some men grow beards?

Through proven history, science has answered this question by guiding toward some ways like exfoliating skin, face washing and etc. to help boost its growth.

But it varies among males with different genetics. So following are the remedies you can do to help beard growth.

  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week as this will remove dead skin, bring out the fresher ones, and will accelerate facial hair growth. You can also use skin scrubs or skin masks. For the mask, leave it up to 10-30 minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day in the morning and evening. This will remove dirt, sweat from your face and maintain its freshness.
  • Use natural oil like eucalyptus (from the native-Australian tree) as the main ingredient. It nourishes skin and hair cells. Apply few drops on the face, add warm water, gently massage the area and leave it up to 5-15 minutes. For a side note, coconut and rosemary oil is also beneficial for facial hair growth.
  • Add vitamin B to your diet. Your beard will grow faster if you have sufficient B1, B6, and B12 in your daily diet. Beef, liver, oats, etc are rich in B1. Milk, salmon, eggs, etc. are rich in B6 while clams, trout, sardines, etc. are rich in B12.
  • Drink more water. Not only your body but your hair also needs it for its healthy growth. A water deficit body will reduce facial hair growth because the skin won’t be able to regenerate fast.
  • Leave your beard alone. Don’t shape or groom too early if you want long-lasting results. Leave it up to 4-6 weeks once it starts to grow. Falsely assumed, trimming supports beard growth but instead all it does is removes hair up to the skin’s upper portion.
  • Sleep is good, right? And so, it’s also good for beard growth. Sufficient time to sleep repairs damaged skin cells and reduces stress which is the main reason for hair loss in men.

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signs you can't grow a beard


So you see all the discussions here don’t give a specific answer to the age-old question- Can all men grow beards? How your body reacts to hair growth, causes reducing the beard growth rate and many other factors should be considered here.

But if your ancestors don’t have a beard, I recommend you to adjust to this fact as you are now destined to be sentenced for that baby face for life.

Although hair implants do get the results on your cheeks, I’d never recommend you go over this due to its various side effects and also because it’s way too expensive.

If you want to read more about beards, read this Wikipedia page.

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