9 Curly Beard Styles for a Stylish & Unique Look 2023

curly beard styles

Growing curly beards is a genetic issue caused by hormonal imbalances and, sometimes, by the shape of hair follicles. Whatever the reasons are, the issue could easily be turned into a benefit if you could style those curly beards properly. Even curly beard styles nowadays are being more popular than ever before.

Today, I have compiled the 9 best beard styles for curly beards so that you can rock with them without ever compromising on your looks. So without any further ado, let’s jump on it.

Top 3 Long Curly Beard Styles

1. Full Beard

long curly beard styles

If you feel sorry and always think of being cursed with curly beard genes then pay close attention to this full curly beard style. It even looks better than a regular full beard. All you need to do is to straighten your beard hair a little bit and that’s it. You are all set.

The style even results in a more prominent look with long hairstyles. So if you have curly hair and looking for the best beard styles for curly hair you could easily go with it.

2. Bushy Beard

best beard styles for curly beard

Another great idea for styling your curly beards is to grow bushier beards, especially if you are bald-headed. The combination looks extraordinarily great with men above 40 years old. Give it a shot if you’re tired of trying a lot of curly beard-style variations. It’s always worth a try.

3. Extra-Large Beard

best curly beard styles for curly hairs

With proper grooming and daily maintenance, you can grow an extra large beard, even if you have a curly beard. So considering your curly beard as a problem is up to you. The curliness and waviness even give additional dimensions to your beard.

I believe it looks more prominent than regular long beards. Keep in mind, regular maintenance of an extra-large curly beard could be a bit time-consuming.

Top 3 Medium Curly Beard Styles

4. Medium Goatee Beard

curly goatee facial hairs

The combination of curly long hairstyles along with a medium-length goatee beard looks gorgeous. In fact, it is a customized version of the regular goatee style. So if you’re comfortable with long hairstyles and love goatee beard then this combo style could be ideal for you.

5. Medium Stubble Beard

curly goatee facial hairs

A medium stubble beard, if well groomed along with long hairstyles, could be mind-blowing. Growing medium-length stubble in a proper way could give you a prominent look. So if you look messy due to having curly beards you could try medium stubble beard style to escape from that curliness.

6. Medium Beard-(As-It-Is)

medium beard

If you’re fascinated by the medium-length beard then you are not yet hopeless. You can always rock with medium-curly beard styles if you follow the proper growth and styling patterns.

Your hairstyle should be long enough or else it could look somewhat messy. So longer hairs along with medium-length beards are all you need to look gorgeous in this curly beard style.

Top 3 Short Curly Beard Styles

Another great way of making curly beards look gorgeous is to try short beard styles. When beard hairs are cut in shorter lengths, it could fix up the curliness and messiness and eventually it gives a clean and stylish look.

So if none of the above styles suits you or fixes up the issue, try any of the below short curly beard styles with confidence.

7. French Cut Beard

curly french cut beard with curly hairs

French beard could be an ideal option for you. As the style requires short-length beard hairs and the curly portion is cut down. As a result, the curliness of your beard is not shown and it gives a straight and clean look.

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8. Short Goatee Beard

short goatee

The second best option could be a short goatee style. In the same way, the curly portion of the beard hair is trimmed off and only the straight part of it remains there. The style looks even more prominent with long curly hairstyles.

9. Short Stubble Beard

curly stubble beard style with long curly hairs

A short stubble beard usually looks good on any face type. In this style, the beard hairs are cut down very short, approx 3-4 mm in length. It is also known as the 5 o’clock shadow beard.

As the beard hairs are short enough that’s why the curliness is gone easily. So with a short stubble beard style, you can easily escape from your curly beard issue. The style could be a goldmine for men who are looking for short curly beard styles.

3 Proven Ways to Fix Up Curly Beards

Although curly beads are not a problem yet if you are not satisfied with them, here are some proven ways that help to fix curly beards and grow healthier beards naturally.

1. Try Beard Straightener

The first and foremost way is to try beard straightening tools, a good quality beard straightener could be an easy fixer for your curly beards. But remember, overuse or wrong use of it could be even more damaging than good. Here are my in-depth guide and wild willies beard straightener reviews.

2. Use Beard Oil

Using beard oils is usually beneficial for facial hair but it is mandatory if you have a curly beard issue. Beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath beard hairs and fixes the dryness of the skin.

It also helps to create healthy grounds for hair follicles to grow longer and stronger facial hairs. Good quality natural beard oil also comes with anti-bacterial property that keeps your beard hygienic and healthy.

3. Try Beard Vitamins

Another common reason for curly beards is a lack of nutrients. When one is suffering from nutritional deficiencies, he is more likely to grow unhealthy, sick, thin, and curly facial hairs.

There are a lot of over-the-counter beards vitamin options out there. Consider using a better quality 100% natural beard growth vitamin, it could be hugely helpful. Here is My no. 1 recommendation.

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Curly beard could be either a benefit or a problem for men, it all depends upon how you deal with it. If you would know how to style a curly beard properly then you could not consider it as an issue.

So follow my guidelines while dealing with your curly facial hair and pick any curly beard styles from the above list that suits you the best.

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