9 Hollywood Heart-throbs Sporting Beards and Long Hair [2023]

famous guys with beards and long hair

To define masculinity, a combination of a well-groomed beard and long hair tells a lot for itself. From ancient civilizations to modern times, this iconic look has been embraced by millions of style-savvy men and created a new style dimension. There are famous celebrities who have truly rocked with bearded and long-hair looks.

Today, in this comprehensive blog post, I will explore the top 9 famous Hollywood guys with beards and long hair who have made it a symbol of ruggedness, style, and individuality. So, without further ado, let’s Jump on it.

The 9 Famous Guys with Beards and Long Hair

1. Jason Momoa

famous hollywood guys with beards and long hair

Jason Momoa has been able to carve a unique niche in Hollywood for his intense presence and well-built physic. A perfect example is his role as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones” and Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. Momoa’s thick beard and flowing long hair have this journey a lot easier, giving him an iconic and rugged masculine vibe.

2. Jared Leto

beards and long hair

Jared Leto is a talented actor, a musician, and an undeniable fashion icon who is well-known for his daring and outstanding fashion choices. Leto’s well-groomed beard and luxurious long hair have made him an ultimate fashion sensation.

3. Johnny Depp

johnny depp's goatee and long hair

Johnny Depp is popular for his charismatic acting skills and eclectic personality. Depp often appears with a variety of beard and hairstyle combinations and each gives him a unique touch to his overall appearance. Deep’s goatee beard along with his long hairstyle could be a great example of his uniqueness. Here’s a list of 10 other famous guys with goatees.

4. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix bearded look

Photo Credit- Harald Krichel

As you know, Joaquin Phoenix is famous for his transformative performances. But his iconic beard and long hairstyle in movies like “Walk the Line” and “Joker” have been noticeable things of his on-screen presence.

5. Brad Pitt (Goatee and Long Hair)

celebrities with beards and long hair

Brad Pitt is considered one of the most iconic and handsome actors in Hollywood. He is also famous for his dominating acting skills and perfect physical appearance whether he’s sporting a rugged beard with shoulder-length hair or a clean-shaven look.

I believe Pitt’s charismatic look with a beard and long hair could be a perfect example of a rugged and bold masculine look.

6. David Beckham

david beckham's beard and long hair

David Beckham is a legendary football player who is also known for his exceptional style sense. He tested various beards and long hairstyles over time and always stayed ahead of the trends and left a lasting impression. I think he looks more iconic and gorgeous with his beard and long hair.

7. Kit Harington (Short Beard and Long Hair)

short beard with long hair

To be honest, Jon Snow’s brooding and enigmatic personality in “Game of Thrones” was enhanced by Kit Harington’s iconic beard and long hair. Moreover, Kit’s look became even more synonymous with the outstanding character he portrayed on-screen.

8. Keanu Reeves

guys with long hair and beard meme

Keanu Reeves is famous for his roles in the movies like “John Wick” and “The Matrix” trilogy that has a timeless appeal that transcends trends. When he pairs his rough beard with long hair, he exudes an enigmatic coolness.

9. Travis Fimmel

long hair and beard styles

Travis Fimmel’s rugged and versatile looks are awesome. He often sports beards and long hair that perfectly complement his charismatic presence. His untamed beard enhances the authority and wildness he needs to be different than others.

Fimmel’s beards with long hair, whether floating in the air or tied back, give him an authentic touch to his performances.

Here’s a list of some good-looking beard styles you may find helpful.

Maintenance of Beards with Long Hair

The masculine vibes with beards and long hair enable the ultimate inner Viking while achieving and maintaining it requires a lot of effort and care. So, regular grooming routines and using some necessary grooming items are crucial to keep both the beard and long hair healthy and stylish.

Daily cares that promotes growth and manageability are essential. Moreover, shaping, trimming, and using beard oils help to prevent dryness and itchiness.

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A Multifaceted Symbolism

The allure of Hollywood guys with beards and long hair goes beyond the existing traditions. It clearly symbolizes the power to challenge conventional norms and showcases individuality. In the world of grooming standards, those who choose to rock this look are making a statement about self-confidence.

Additionally, the beard itself is a sign of masculinity and maturity, while long hair can add an additional layer of freedom and a willingness to break away from societal expectations.

A Historical Background of Beards and Long Hair

The connection between beards and long hairs roots back to ancient history and it crosses the cultural divides and epochs. Ancient civilizations like the Vikings, Greeks, and Native Americans treated beards with long hair as symbols of power, wisdom, and virility.

The beard and hair length of historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, and even iconic musicians like Jim Morrison and Bob Marley have left a traceable mark on the collective psyche.


These 9 famous Hollywood guys with beards and long hair have proved that uniqueness always leads the path. From Hollywood actors to rock legends, many celebrities have embraced this iconic style and pushed it to the next level.

Whether you’re planning to grow your beard or simply searching for inspiration, these famous Hollywood guys with beards and long hair could be proof that this look is here to stay. So, embrace your inner Viking, and also let your hair rock, for true masculinity, doesn’t know bounds.

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