9 Best 80s Beard Styles That Look Gorgeous

The 80s is well-known for its vibrant fashion and unique trends. One of the fashion trends of the 80s that often gets overlooked is distinct beard styles that were hugely popular during that time. Some of those 80s beard styles are still popular and look gorgeous. In this article, I’ve compiled the 9 best 80s beard styles and provided tips for modern men who wish to embrace nostalgia and revamp their looks.

The 9 Iconic 80s Beard Styles That Look Gorgeous

1. Rockstar Stubble

80s stubble beard style

The Rockstar Stubble is a classic 80s beard style that exudes an effortless and rugged vibe. Allow your facial hair to grow for a few days or weeks and take regular care, thus you will achieve great looking rockstar stubble beard.n Here’re some stubble beard ideas that you may love.

Choose a good quality beard trimmer with a low guard setting to achieve a clean and even texture for a polished and even-length beard appearance.

In the first stage, let your beard hairs grow in a natural growth pattern and let your stubble speak for itself. Sporting stubble beards require confidence and patience as it takes some time to come in shape.

It is perfect for men who want a low-maintenance and a touch of mystery and ruggedness to their overall image.

2. The Miami Vice Goatee

miami vice goatee

Don Johnson‘s character in “Miami Vice” popularized the sleek and defined goatee of the 80s. From the 80s to these days, the goatee beard style has been equally popular among millions of beard lovers.

To achieve this iconic 80s beard style, shave off beards on your cheeks and trim it down to a desired line along your jaw-line. Regular maintenance is important to maintain clean and sharp goatee beards.

Pay attention to keeping your face moisturized and comb it regularly to prevent any strays or unruly hairs. Consider using a small trimmer and a sharp razor weekly to maintain a clean and distinct goatee line.

3. Magnum PI Mustache

magnum PI 80s mustache

Tom Selleck‘s mustache in the hit TV show “Magnum P.I.” became a symbol of 80s masculinity. To achieve this 80s legendary look, let your mustache grow thicker and fuller.

To maintain a gorgeous and masculine look, comb your mustache daily for keeping it neat and groomed. In case of any overgrown mustache hairs, regular trim is important.

A Magnum PI Mustache requires regular maintenance and a commitment to grooming. Always use a quality mustache wax that will keep your mustache hairs in place and improve your overall look.

4. Grizzly Adams Full Beard

The Grizzly Adams Full Beard is a bold and wild style. If you wish to have untamed and wild beards and if wish to embrace the natural growth of your facial hair then the grizzly Adams full beard is ideal for you.

To achieve this wild yet gorgeous 80s beard, allow your beard to grow freely with minimal trimming or shaping, and let it reach its entire length.

Though it’s a wild beard style yet it requires some maintenance. To keep your beard soft and manageable, use beard oil and beard balm daily and comb through your beard to prevent any knots or snags.

5. Handlebar Mustache

trending 80s handlebar mustache

The Handlebar Mustache is a testament to the sophistication and charm of the 80s. It is named a handlebar due to its resemblance to the handle of a bicycle. The style doesn’t look good with all types of face shapes.

For example- in the case of round or oval faces, a handle mustache could be a more profound facial hair style whereas angular faces may prefer short mustache curls.

Allow your mustaches to grow long and full then gently shape the ends of the mustache into upward curls, resembling bicycle handles. Waxing helps to shape up your mustache ends, also consider using a small comb while waxing.

6. The Soul Patch

The Soul Patch was a small yet impactful 80s beard style. It is still trending in the 20s. From style-savvy men to ordinary people, the soul patch is equally popular.

It’s just a small patch of facial hair under the lower lip. If you want to grow a soul patch, allow facial hairs to grow under your lower lip and trim it off to a defined length.

To keep it clean and uniform, always trim it off with small scissors or precision trimmers. It is highly suggested to use moisturizers to prevent irritation or ingrown hairs.

7. The Mutton Chops

80s button chops beard

Look at the kings and generals of the 80s, most of them have either handlebar or mutton chops facial hair styles. Why? Because these are the signs of masculinity and power, also symbols of arrogance and dominance.

To achieve this royal and classic 80s beard style, allow facial hairs to grow on the sideburns and cheeks whereas chin and mustache areas are clean-shaven.

To maintain mutton chops, regular trimming, and shaping is crucial as hairs on sideburns and longer. Use moisturizers to prevent end splitting and adjustable trimmers to keep it even and groomed.

8. Van Dyke Beard

van dyke beard

The Van Dyke Beard is introduced by a famous painter namely Anthony Van Dyke, the style is a combination of a mustache with a neatly-trimmed beard on the chin. To achieve this 80s facial hair style, let your facial hair grow and keep the mustache and chin beard separate.

9. Mustache Only

80s handlebar

Another common facial hairstyle of the 80s was a defined mustache. If you look at famous celebrities of the 80s, many of them sported a well-groomed mustache. There were different types of mustaches that were worn during that time and some of them are still popular nowadays.

I also suggest reading another article on the best medium beard styles that look awesome.

Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Before choosing any beard style, it’s important to consider your face shape to make sure that the style you are going to choose will be harmonious with your face shape.

Here are some recommendations for different face shapes:

Round face: if you have round face shapes then you are to pick longer beard styles because it will give you a balanced look.

Oval face: if blessed with an oval face shape then you are free to rock with any beard styles. An oval face suits almost any beard style so try different styles and lock the one you are comfortable with.

Square face: square faces suit short beard styles well enough like stubble.

Heart-shaped face: this also suits well with short beard styles. A well-groomed soul patch or a goatee could be ideal options for heart-shaped faces.

Grooming and Maintaining Your 80s Beard

It’s important to follow a daily grooming routine and use quality products. Here are some essential tips that you need for grooming and maintaining your beard.

Cleanse: It’s important to wash your beard regularly with a beard shampoo or mild cleanser to remove dirt, dust, bacteria, and oil.

Moisturize: To fix beard dryness or itchiness and to keep your beard hydrated, use beard oil, beard balm, and other beard products.

Comb and brush: While using beard oil or balm, always use a beard comb or brush to distribute the products evenly throughout your beard.

Trim and shape: Regularly trimming and shaping is crucial to maintain a clean and groomed appearance.


Style tastes and fashion trends keep on changing over time but 80s beard styles are something that lasts through decades after decades. This indicates that these 80s beards look gorgeous. So if you are captivated by any of these beard styles then pick one confidently. If you still want to know more about beard styles and trends then read more.

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